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RIP Governor

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    RIP Governor

    Former MA Governor Paul Cellucci passed away this afternoon after a 5 year battle with ALS. Celucci will always be remembered as a genuine good guy who never lost touch with his average guy roots. Even after he was appointed as Ambassador to Canada, he never moved out of his Hudson Ma. home.

    Celluci broke down political barriers for women in MA when he chose Jane Swift as his running mate and Lt. Gov.  Like her or not...she became the first ( and thus far only) woman governor for the State of MA. He also appointed Justice Margaret Marshall as the first female Chief Justice of the SJC.

    Although a republican, Cellucci was not tied to any one ideology. His opinions on different subjects were so varied that he was widely regards by everyone, including those with more liberal political leanings.

    I for one thank him for his service to the State of MA. He is one who never let it get to his head. He never let the position become something bigger than the people he swore to serve.

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    Re: RIP Governor

    That's too bad ...... I didn't vote for him but I thought he was pretty good and fair guy .    

    R.I.P. Governor Cellucci

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    Re: RIP Governor

    I have one vivid memory of the governor, it was during the procession into the church funeral for my uncle (worked in the Senate) and as I walked the steps past all the members of the Senate at the top of the stairs was Gov Cellucci. You just always remember a man that has such a strong composure.

    RIP Governor.



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    Re: RIP Governor

    That's a nice memory that you have of him....

    Did anyone see the article about him in the Globe this morning? It was quite extensive and quite a tribute to him. When you think about it..he really did provide a good balance with Weld..who was more of an elite type of person. Even up to the final weeks of his life, Celluci was still fighting to raise money for ALS research.

    " Above the heroine in your life..not the victim" Nora Ephron