Ron Paul Delegates Barred From GOP Convention Spark Chaos (VIDEO)

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    Ron Paul Delegates Barred From GOP Convention Spark Chaos (VIDEO)

    TAMPA, Fla. -- The Republican National Convention's decision to bar half of Maine's delegates for Rep. Ron Paul set off a fierce, angry Paul revolution Tuesday in the midst of the GOP's grand push to nominate Mitt Romney as its candidate for president.

    The Paul delegates were blocked in an unusual set of challenges during earlier party proceedings, and Tuesday they tried to reverse the decision on the convention floor. When they failed despite what sounded like fierce support from many other delegates, they erupted. "We were robbed," they chanted, among other high-volume protests.

    As Paul's Maine supporters left -- many emotional and visibly upset -- they made it clear they felt betrayed.

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    Re: Ron Paul Delegates Barred From GOP Convention Spark Chaos (VIDEO)

    Mr. Limbaugh was all over this Tuesday -- about how The Establishment was cutting out conservatives via the rules, now and for the coming years.  The nominee will make the rules.  "This is how The Establishment does it.  They feel that they paid the bills.  You - we - conservatives need to fight to stay in the game.  They think that going for the middle is the way to win elections.  The way to win elections is to press the conservative cause."  And that the rules should be made by votes at the conventions, not in secret over years when nobody's looking.  And that this gives The Establishment the opportunity to lose the conservative cause.  I was surprised.  Guess I haven't listened to him closely enough.  But he will probably have reconciled with himself and brought everyone back together by Friday.

    But he is saying in so many words that this is what The Republican Establishment bought in the primaries when they beat you with Citizens United money.