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Senate votes 100-0 in favor of Ted Cruz shutting the heck up.

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    Re: Senate votes 100-0 in favor of Ted Cruz shutting the heck up.

    In response to Hansoribrother's comment:

    Democrat Party is a hate group unto itself. If you are not with them, you are against them and you are worthy of being smeared regardless of your race, creed or color. 

    Why do you buy in to all this "us versus them" rhetoric? That is what they all want us voters to do! Keep us divided and ANGRY ... at each other.

    The fact of the matter is that there are hundreds, thousands, millions or conservative leaning and liberal leaning people and independents (like myself) who are just plain folks with thoughts and opinions and an HONEST desire to do the right thing. Of course we have some different opinions. But there is more common ground than most folks realize. That is clearly true regarding yourself.

    If you want to fix what is wrong in this country we voters need to find the COMMON ground that we do share. Our morals are essentially the same. Stop being a religious fundamental extremist and seek the good and reasonable side in each other. I am not talking goody goody. Just plain old reasonablness!

    Let us put a stop to the buying of our government, to the writing of our law and regulations by the industries that are supposed to be kept "honest" and we are supposed to be protected by reasonable laws. 

    If you do not like extortion, if you do not think it is the same thing as democracy, if you believe in civil society then we all need to act... and think that way.

    For some it means not being religious fundamental extremist about politics. For some it just means growing up. 

    One thoing is for sure. the conservative right of today has no place pointing a finger when it comes to talking about hate or about being destructive or impractical. How about we stop pointing fingers at each other and start to stop those people in the revolving door of government/lobbyists/industry who give each other a whole lot of money in exchange for favors while they trade places/jobs with each other. 

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    Re: Senate votes 100-0 in favor of Ted Cruz shutting the heck up.

    In response to WhatDoYouWantNow's comment:


    Tvoter can't respond, so he just copy/pastes the article again. What a tool.

    I dont troll you guys sorry.

    What aother choice do they have when the majority party just bullies there way through. No debate no up or down vote nothing on a bill that their consitituents are demanding they tale action on.

    They are doing the work their constituents want done!!

    Why dont dems do what a majority of Americans want done and scrap the ACA and start over with a bi-partisan bill??


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