Soccer at Gitmo?

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    Re: Soccer at Gitmo?

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    [QUOTE]fox25 reports the inmates at Gitmo are getting a new soccer field. The price that they reported is one million. Has the federal govt gone totally crazy?
    Posted by jackbu[/QUOTE]

    Wasn't Obama supposed to close this place?
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    Re: Soccer at Gitmo?

    Rundown for February 29, 2012

    Guantanamo Bay Gets A Brand New Soccer Field! And at a price tag of $750,000! The field will be the third recreation area for the prisoners, and a tunnel will provide free access 20 hours a day, without needing military escort. Do you think this is the kind of project we should be spending money on? Is improving the prison a move by Obama to make up for breaking his promise to close it down? Call in and tell us what you think!     Dan Rea WBZ 1030 am talk radio, tonight 8pm.