Someone's jumping ship before the Benghazi details emerge.

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    Re: Someone's jumping ship before the Benghazi details emerge.

    In response to NO MO O's comment:

    In response to Reubenhop's comment:

    You want DNA proof.. in THIS case?

    Do you still buy the anti Muslim video.... excuse?

    A simple yes, no or non response will do.

    Have a nice day.

    No I want facts indicating a crime was committed.  You got any?  Didn't think so...  Facts are inconvenient for right wing ranters.  Have a typically mindless day.

    The facts we both believe deserve to be aired are being smothered by the president.


    Don't you think 2+months is long enough for him to prepare them?

    I'm sure you can empathize that the longer Barry sits on the facts, the more suspicious people will become.

    There was either a major wrong decision made to sacrifice them


    a total breakdown in communications.


    I hope we both agree that America deserved to know.


There's a crazy third possibility - everything happened exactly as the CIA and administration claimed, and Fox News was as wrong about the order to "stand down" as they were about the Romney landslide.


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