Special Prosecutor??

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    Special Prosecutor??

    Again.. beyond what the American public thinks.. Holder is just that.. a coat holder for Obama as exemplified by his looking the other way for NBP voter intimidation.

    Should Justice Department Appoint a Special Prosecutor?

    about possible White House influence over a half-billion dollar subsidized loan for failing solar-panel maker Solyndra. Questions then arose over an Air Force general being pressured to approve a plan by telecom company LightSquared to develop a nationwide satellite phone network. Both companies are backed by major Democratic donors. In light of these questions involving the White House should the Justice Department appoint a special prosecutor to investigate?

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    Not sure. Special prosecutors cost money and don't always get results.  1.77%  (767 votes)  
    No. There's not yet enough there to warrant a possible criminal investigation.  2.21%  (958 votes)  
    Yes. We need to know if the White House is using taxpayer money for political gain.  94.99%  (41,184 votes)  
    Other (post a comment).  1.03%  (448 votes)  
    Total Votes: 43,357

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2011/09/16/should-justice-department-appoint-special-prosecutor/#ixzz1YELteJat
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    Re: Special Prosecutor??

    They absolutely need a special procescutor for the Gunrunner scandal.

    What's Patrick Fitzgerald been up to lately? He's perfect for the job, zero ethics and a powerful need to put someone in jail.

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    Re: Special Prosecutor??

    People tend to forget that Ken Starr went after both republicans and democrats with equal fervor when told to.