Spred the fear

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    Re: Spred the fear

    Lol. " I dont mean to scare, I mean to lie through my teeth" 

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    Re: Spred the fear

    You know that they're going to do whatever they can to make sure that we are punished for electing too many Republicans to the House of Representatives.

    Or as those sage philosophers from Slipknot would say: HERE COME THE PAIN!


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    Re: Spred the fear

    In response to NO MO O's comment:

    ... IS NOT releasing American caucasian prisoners ... bigotry ?


    Jus askin...

    How do you know the released aliens weren't caucasian...?






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    Re: Spred the fear

    Ask Yourselves America...After 4 plus years overall, are you safer and better off than you were before?

    When a leader's priorities are solely political maneuvers, that’s the end of the country.Our staying power is in our own hands. Whether we maintain it is not a matter of large historical forces beyond our control, but a question of choices, policies, and resolve

    Our nation is being destroyed in thousands of different ways, and more distressing news emerges with each passing day We can agree to disagree, as to the order and the following: Are these the qualities to be proud? A nation that calls itself Progressive and fair, with 55 plus million abortions the standard. A nation with 50 million on food stamps A nation with children who live in poverty at 22% according to the U.S. Census Bureau A nation with 8% unemployment for over 4 plus years A nation currently approaching 17 Trillion dollars in debt and counting. A nation for the first time in its history economically downgraded and possibly awaiting yet another downgrade. A nation over of which 50% of population, in varying degree, having to rely on Central Government. A nation fractionalized and divided by race, religion, gender, political party, Have's vs the have not's, etc., by the very President of The 'United' States of America as never before in our history. A nation who worships the state over the concept of a creator. A nation that relentlessly challenges, undermines and destroys the very existence of its Constitution through perversion, meaning, manipulation and misconceptions. A nation tied at 16 (depending on source) as the best place in the world to be born. A nation with many of our cities and states crumbling and almost bankrupt A nation with declining household income during the last 4 years. A nation drowning in regulation, mandates and edicts A nation and central government forcing us through political correctness and diversity what to eat, drink, drive, say and do etc. And so much more       34 Signs That America Is In Decline theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/34-signs-that-america-is-in-decline   Is America in decline? - Washington Post articles.washingtonpost.com/2013-01-27/opinions/36583661_1_natural-gas-oil-and-g...     America in Decline? It’s a Matter of Choices, Not Fate | World Affairs Journal www.worldaffairsjournal.org/article/america-decline-it%E2%80%99s-matter-cho...    


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    Re: Spred the fear

    Civility is fo rich folk.


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    Re: Spred the fear

    The White House announced Tuesday that it is canceling tours of the president’s home for the foreseeable future as the sequester spending cuts begin to bite and the administration makes good on its warnings of painful decisions.

    Announcement of the decision — made in an email from the White House Visitors Office — came hours after The Washington Times reported on another administration email that seemed to show at least one agency has been instructed to make sure the cuts are as painful as President Obama promised they would be.

    In the internal email, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service official Charles Brown said he asked if he could try to spread out the sequester cuts in his region to minimize the impact, and he said he was told not to do anything that would lessen the dire impacts Congress had been warned of.

    “We have gone on record with a notification to Congress and whoever else that ‘APHIS would eliminate assistance to producers in 24 states in managing wildlife damage to the aquaculture industry, unless they provide funding to cover the costs.’ So it is our opinion that however you manage that reduction, you need to make sure you are not contradicting what we said the impact would be,” Mr. Brown, in the internal email, said his superiors told him.

    Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/mar/5/email-tells-feds-make-sequester-painful-promised/#ixzz2Mlhwsy52
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    These people are absolutely unbelievable.  

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    Re: Spred the fear

    White House caught in another lie:


    “You know, those Capitol janitors will not get as much overtime. I’m sure they think less pay, that they’re taking home, does hurt.”

    — Gene Sperling, director of the White House economic council, on ABC News’ “This Week,” March 3, 2013

    “On the issue of the janitors, if you work for an hourly wage and you earn overtime, and you depend on that overtime to make ends meet, it is simply a fact that a reduction in overtime is a reduction in your pay.”


    — White House spokesman Jay Carney, news briefing, March 4

    At a news conference last Friday, President Obama claimed that, “starting tomorrow,” the “folks cleaning the floors at the Capitol” had “just got a pay cut” because of the automatic federal spending cuts known as the sequester.

    The president very quickly earned Four Pinocchios for that statement, especially after senior officials at the Architect of the Capitol (AOC), the federal agency that employ janitors on the House side, and the office of the Sergeant at Arms (SAA), which employs janitors on the Senate side, issued statements saying the president’s comments were not true.




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