The lie about global warming scientist?

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    The lie about global warming scientist?

    The so-called ‘scientific consensus’ about global warming was crafted from manipulated data, expressed as a lie that says 97% of the world’s climate scientists agree that the science of warming is settled. The pundits and press passed it on to a believing public.

    Except it’s wrong. And the public that believed it are looking like fools. Here’s how the ruse happened, acccording to Lawrence Soloman in Financial Post.

    There are 2500 scientists associated with the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). All 2500, the media believed, endorsed the IPCC’s position on catastrophic global warming predictions. Bad factoid #1: the 2500 scientists were only associated with the IPCC. They did not endorse the IPCC’s position. Some even vehemently disagreed.

    Seeking a powerful number they could use more easily, the pundits found a study conducted by the University of Illinois. More than 10,000 earth scientists participated in the study, but the researchers conducting the study highlighted the views of only a cherry-picked 77 of them. Of those, 75 stated their belief of human-caused global warming. Voila! 75 is 97% of 77. Bad factoid #2: The press passed this off as 97% of the world’s scientists believe in manmade climate change. Wow. That's a big number that's easy to pass on.

    Once the eminently quotable percentage was out, other studies either used faked data or manufactured concurring results on the number of scientists believing in manmade global warming.

    One such study, conducted at the University of Toronto, determined which scientists were credible enough to participate with their ‘scientific’ opinions on climate. Such ‘scientists’ included Al Gore, self-proclaimed "Inventor of the Internet," and NASA’s Jim Hansen, noted especially for choosing the data that shows what he wants. Of 615 participating scientists in the Toronto study, only 14 were climate skeptics.

    While we have an unknowing media that seeks to spread stories that sell of horrific global warming, we have complicit studies that purport to show the science as settled and a near monopoly of scientists settled on false facts. Media spreads word of 'consensus' among so-called experts. The world believes the lie and quotes it freely, as a University of Colorado commenter does here.

    We believe a lie when it's all that we hear and when it is repeated often enough. Too bad it’s not true. Among those in the know, we look like fools lured to imbibe the climate Kool Aid while some face the music and admit suspicion on the story.

    Those fools include the general public, which relies on repeating the lies that pass for news by mainstream media. Those without scientific backgrounds have no choice but to believe the pundits, who too have no background in science. Pundits in turn get their data from favored sources despite that the data cannot be trusted for being manipulated, cajoled, and cherry-picked to produce the desired global warming picture.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we've been had on global warming.

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    Re: The lie about global warming scientist?

    In response to WhatDoYouWantNow's comment:


    1. The article you linked is not about scientists saying anything about what other scientists think. It is a rant about media pundits saying things about how many scientists working on global warming agree that man is contributing.

    2. The overwhelming majority of scientists working in that field who have published papers expressing an opinion on what is causing warming do believe man is contributing:

    The article I linked was referring to the IPCC concensus that our icecaps would be gone in a few years and that the east and west coast would be lost; we know now these predictions were seriously flawed.

    We agree that over the last decade the 98.3% were wrong in there assessments of change so, I would go with the following scientist comments.


    Still guesswork
    Geoff Jenkins is the former head of climate change prediction at the UK Met Office's Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research. He said: "Until we actually understand why the global temperature rise has paused over the last decade – and we don't yet – it's still guesswork what the implications are for climate sensitivity and hence the future projections.

    If the pause is a "correction" to a naturally-boosted rise over previous decades, then the climate's sensitivity to carbon emissions may indeed be lower than the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's central estimate, suggesting that future rises will be towards the lower end of the range, he added.

    But if the pause is a temporary natural offset to the man-made rise, then this offset would disappear at some stage and put the globe back on the central estimate track, he said. "I don't see how we can say which it is until we understand the reason for it."


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    Re: The lie about global warming scientist?

    In response to WhatDoYouWantNow's comment:

    No, we most certainly do not agree that the vast majority of scientists who took a position ni the papers noted in the graph were "wrong."

    They were absolutley wrong and they admitted it. Why can't you? They said a decade ago we could expect a rapid increase over the last decade because of increases in CO2 and it did not happen. The CO2 increased big time but the temp stayed flat!

    What is presently being debated in the field - and you know this because it was in one of the recent of hundreds of distractor threads started on this topic by deniers - is the effect of things like ocean absorption, mitigation, and so on.

    The deep ocean waters capturing more heat than expected was listed a "possible cause" but, they could not confirm due to they know so little about the deep oceans.

    Absolutely nothing about the CO2 heat-trapping theory has been disproven.

    Other than the theory that it was directly causing temperatures to rise; since CO2 has went way up but, temps did not.

    If you think there is some inconsistency there, you don't have a grasp on how science works and you are just repeating political smears on science. 

    You grasp scientific theories with holes in them like zealots grasps guns and bibles.