In Response to Re: The lies the Unions and the left have spread in WI:
" No place is hotter than Wisconsin. The leaders there have done everything possible to maximize conflict. Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, demanded cuts only from people in the other party. The public sector unions and their allies immediately flew into a rage, comparing Walker to Hitler, Mussolini and Mubarak. Walker’s critics are amusingly Orwellian. They liken the crowd in Madison to the ones in Tunisia and claim to be fighting for democracy. Whatever you might say about Walker, he and the Republican majorities in Wisconsin were elected, and they are doing exactly what they told voters they would do. It’s the Democratic minority that is thwarting the majority will by fleeing to Illinois. It’s the left that has suddenly embraced extralegal obstructionism. "
Posted by WhatIsItNow

Amen!!  It is the left that is putting the brakes on democracy.  And then they brainwash their followers by claiming they are fighting for democracy.  And the simple people like BeTool fall for it.

The Gov was elected in a fair election, and never hid what he was planning on doing.  People voted for him BECAUSE of it.

Check out the Rasmussen poll.  More people side with Walker than they do the Unions. 

The private sector has taken it on the chin the last few years.  The public sector, not so much.  It is time for them to start cutting back.  We all have.