The Question of Obama's Experience

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    The Question of Obama's Experience

    I am reading how this man has no experience, but lets simply look at this.

    He created a company from zero to over a Billion Dollars in revenue in 21 Months. He took that money and took a message of hope to a nation of 330 Million People and Sold it. He took it to a nation that had two elections stolen, a National in turmoil who no longer believes it leaders. He made us believe, that was once good can be good again. After Bush that was not a easy task. He presented himself as the true everyman and proved once again anything is possible.

    He made over 63 Million voters to believe in him to vote for him.

    By all accounts he created the single greatest organization in the history of campaigns. I have never waiting in line to vote for.

    He is the first non white canidate to win the Oval Office and to accomplish this is nothing short amazing.

    So to say he has done nothing is not paying attention. He basiclly did what most if not all would think was impossible. If that is not a indication he can lead, manage and get things accomplished what is?

    Last point, unlike W, he is in the Bill Clinton model of very well educated and very smart. What we need is someone who is smart and sharp. I believe he was first in class at Harvard. Listening to him talk and his ideas they are just that smart and out of the box.

    He had a mission to give us hope and he sold it to 63 Million people who not only voted but contributed to his election to get him voted. He sold me and I was not a easy sell and I believe he will be a great president and he will set a standard for all the next presidents.

    No more Fear, not any more, we all now believe and that is what he did.

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    The Question of Obama's Experience

    Conducting a successful political campaign is no measure of how well a president-elect can govern a country, not that I want to spoil your enjoyment and enthusiasm...
    I should also point out that W attended and graduated from Harvard Business School, and has a pretty keen mind, though he is not as eloquent as Bill Clinton, or Barack Obama for that matter. His presidency could have been benign, but will always be known for the nefarious influence of the neo-conservative agenda and ideology (led by Cheney and Co.).

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    The Question of Obama's Experience

    Forget the love, he created a billion dollar company and got 63 Million people to vote for him and it was not just love. He beat a political machine in the Clinton's. Think about what brand as a Democrate is better then Clinton?

    Give him credit forget the love, he created a brand like none other. He did what Regan did except better because he is a man of color.
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    The Question of Obama's Experience

    Bush was a terrible President and worse human based on what he did in office. Total abuse of Power. If possible he should be brought up on charges for the fruad his 8 years were.
    His IQ was pretty low. Nothing Like Clinton or Obama who are smart men.