They just can't leave abortion alone.

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    Re: They just can't leave abortion alone.

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    Kansas is trying to pass yet another one of these misinfo chill-the-right bills.

    One of its provisions requires doctors to tell patients about a linke between abortion and breast cancer. Trouble is, there is no such link.

    Yes. Let's have:

    (1) government intrusion into individual rights;

    (2) government takeover of a medical procedure;

    (3) government requiring false information to be told to patients within the context of the procedure;

    (4) in order to trample on the constitution.

    Genuine conservatives would object because this would seem to violate any number of those things they claim to hold sacred.

    "The Kansas bill also defines life as beginning at fertilization, bans abortion providers from tax exemptions, excludes the cost of abortion services from tax deductions for medical expenses, and prohibits abortion providers from giving materials to instructors of sex education classes. That last provision, as the Associated Press explains, was revised after opponents argued that the language was broad enough to ban parents who work for abortion providers (or doctors who perform the procedure themselves) from volunteering in schools."

    And here we see more shenanigans true conservatives oppose:

    (5) playing favorites with the tax code;

    (6) government interference with education.

    Of course, the first bit was the whopper: defining life as beginning at fertilization. Kansas can define life however it wants, but it can't put that into direct practice in regards to abortion because of Roe. But, there are other problems. If your state has codified a declaration that a single fertilized cell is a human life, you have created a whole new host of problems.

    If a woman has a glass of wine, this is endangering a child, etc.

    If a woman has a miscarriage, then the state will need to launch a homicide investigation.
     Because that was a human who died.

    And so on. Once you've declared that a fertizlied egg is a human life, you have to treat that egg like any other fully grown adult, and you have to go after the person responsible for it for any bad things that happen to it, just as if it were a child.

    Of course, if the state doesn't follow its declaration that life = a fertilized egg to such logical ends, we will know they are lying swine, in addition to being constitution-hating false conservative old-book thumpers. Well we probably know that already, but hey. Benefit of the doubt and all.




    Now. Let us open the queue to claims that I am trying to distract BDC conservatives from the economy by posting about something else on this obscure internet backwater, in order to protect Obama from the wrath of their rather limited ranks....     





    Funny.  Abortion, all about individual rights.  Obamqacre for the rest of us?  Sc3w  individual rights.


    Tell that to the people who have no access to healthcare without Obamacare.  A right in theory and not in practice is not much of a right.  And you haven't lost any rights under Obamacare, you still have choice of medical insurer/provider as much as previously.  Or are you one of the idiots who actually believes in the death panel myth?


    EVERYONE, even those here illegally, had access to healthcare PRIOR to Obamacare.

    You keep repeating that LIE, over and over again, as if it is true.

    If Obamacare changes nothing, then why do we need it?

    If the government doesn't deny coverage to some people in order to pay for it for others, then how can you possibly afford it?  Even Paul Krugman says that there will be "death panels".

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    Re: They just can't leave abortion alone.

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    What's even more peculiar, to me, is that many of these anti-choice groups also oppose comprehensive sex education and/or contraception services for young adults.

    Talk burning the candle at both ends...


    This despite the real fact that the abortion opponents have mostly won.  Abortion rates are at their lowest in decades.  If the goal was fewer abortions, they have partly succeeded.


    Further, it was encouraging to hear tee partee and anti-choice darling Rand Paul state there were "thousands of exceptions" to consider when debating public abortion policies and that "every case is different".  By some counts, this would make him a 'squishy' republican.






    Europe provides uncensored sex education and promotes condom use. European youth have fewer sex partners than Americans do and begin sex slightly later than Americans. They don't teach abstinence programs in Europe because it's considered to be child abuse.

    The U.S. has the highest teen birth rate among 28 developed countries. 52 American teens per 100,000, compared with less than 10 per 100,000 teenage girls in Korea, Japan, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

    Although the U.S. rate is dropping, teen births in the Bible and Ignorance Belt remains high: 65 in Mississippi; 64 in Texas; 60 in Arkansas; and 58 per 100,000 in Georgia and Louisiana.

    And Europe has lower abortions rates. Roughly 21 abortions per 1,000 women in the U.S., while Europe averages about 12 per 1,000.



    teaching abstinence is child abuse?



    Now I've heard everything.


    This from the guy who thinks Hitler was a liberal...  You should appreciate such commentary not disparage it.


    Hitler was a liberal.  I know it bugs you that no one is buying your hitler-was-a-republican lie.

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    Re: They just can't leave abortion alone.

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    Re: They just can't leave abortion alone.

    This is why late term abortion is bad medicine, and even worse morality:



    That's right.  491 babies left to die.  Do you really want that in this country?

    Can't wait for the snarky comments from the morally blind on this.