Video of senate hearing on Libya attack

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    Re: Video of senate hearing on Libya attack

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    Dis you see the damage to the embassy that was obviously done with military weapons not any demonstrators. Did you see that the security detaail ran to the safe house a few miles away which was attacked a couple hours later; not even close to a "demonstration gone wild" dipsh!t!! You have to be able to think logically and with an open mind not a mind closed to all negative about obama!!

    Is this the predictable point in the thread where you wingnuts move the goalposts?



    So, contrary to your charges, you don't have, nor have you ever seen ANY video of an actual coordinated attack. You lied.

    What you have seen is a video of the aftermath of the attack in which unarmed civilians are helping the Americans. From that you are able to deduce everything that happened in the previous few hours.


    Dude, that ain't even close to thinking logically.

    That's the biggest fvcking piece of bullshiat anywhere.



    Stop lying, stop listening to the wingnut echo chambers and for gawds sake, do a search for 'logical argument'.

    Heck I'd even settle for 'plausible arguments' at this point.




    Few people agree with you. (Just democrats and the media).

    Mother of Slain State Dept. Official Tired of Being Lied To and Stonewalled by Obama Administration...