Video of Union thugs attacking Comedian for asking questions!

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    Re: Video of Union thugs attacking Comedian for asking questions!

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    Look, the truth is that we are a split country, though the split is probably not where you imagine.  On one side, we have government worker, governemnt unions, the quite evicerated remains of private unions, and those dependent on government against:

    The dreaded private sector.

    The politicians work for the government, get funding and support from those working for the government, in unions, support and funding from the remaining unions.  Their strategy is not to fix the problem, but to tap more resources from the private sector in order to keep the party going.

    I had a conversation with a union organizer not too long ago, and he told me flat out that their strategy is to shift more money from the private sector to the public sector so they could pay for pensions, salaries and perks that otherwise would be going away. 

    This is the two Americas, just not the two that John Edwards meant.


    It's the two that Romney was talking about.  Look what it got him...

    Thank you.

    So you recognize it is a losing proposition to talk in these kinds of broad generalities.  There is hope for you yet.

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