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War on women ? watch the news today.

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    Re: War on women ? watch the news today.

    In response to GreginMeffa's comment:

    Love the avoid Obama's government edits.

    Funny.  I watched Mel Brooks get a Lifetime achivement award, and when they ran Blazing Saddles clips, they did NOT bleep the n-word.  Woo-hoo!  Yea, try it on AMC.

    And better yet, when George Carlin got his posthumous Mark Twain, they played his legendary 7 words you can't say on TV (memorized - F, P, S, C, CS, MF and Tts), they bleeped then.


    Lewis Black - Jesus Fing Christ, we just bleeped his entire point!  What the F is wrong with us?  We gotta wait for him to die, and honor him, just to tell him we never got his Fing point!  I gotta go."


    Thanks for sharing that. 

    Props to AMC for doing the right thing and leaving in the "N" word and probably all the gross humor. Like the scene around the campfire after they all had too many beans. Or...when the guy punches the horse in the nose, etc. Classic!!!

    On the other hand, beyond belief on the Carlin edit. Not edit...massacre. What is the flipping point if you are intending to butcher it that way. Hopefully, wherever George may be, he is, you know, quite amused to put it in proper terms that would not get censored. More like a SNL parody than a real life award show!!!

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    Re: War on women ? watch the news today.

    In response to skeeter20's comment:

    As far as McCarthy, history has proven him largely correct in his assertions. 


    Another joke, right...?



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    Re: War on women ? watch the news today.

    In response to skeeter20's comment:

    In response to andiejen's comment:


    In response to andiejen's comment:




    I like the humor skeeter. I have seen it from you before. Glad you have not lost it.

    I do appreciate 46&2 making sure I knew you were employing "sarcasm" as he put it. 

    Appropriate humor is so welcome IMO in the forums. Stalking Butler is very good at it. Now maybe you will do it a little more often. 

    It is even better when it is a back and forth between posters who tend to lean towards  opposite directions.

    Well, good luck with your plans . Sounds like you may be able to fly under the radar. :)







    Really thought you would appreciate this today. jmel, whatever his name is right now, probably would as well considering the source of this. If memory serves, Rasmussen was one if not his goto source for information and backup. This is from the Daily Rasmussen Reports.

    Not bad for a poster who when some give it mention, seem to think I am a straight dyed-in-the-wool "librul", on an exclusive diet of MSNBC, HuffPost, the Daily Beast, etc. This is in my primary email inbox every day. :)



    Distrust Growing: 70% Believe IRS Decision to Target Conservatives Was Made in DC 

    While the controversy over the National Security Agency surveillance program has dominated the news recently, concern about the Internal Revenue Service's targeting of Tea Party groups and other conservative organizations remains high and is inching up. Despite the large number of controversies engulfing official Washington, the number of people following the IRS scandal has actually increased in recent weeks.  Read More 

    Rasmussen Challenge


    So skeeter, maybe you really are being very pragmatic with your now TWO bumper stickers as well as Obama photo, etc. 

    What is that saying? They can call you paranoid BUT it does not mean people are not watching you.

    your librul friend,


    p.s.   I do truly hope that your head does not explode with all of your undercover Democrat props. If it did the tinfoil hat some other posters refer to you as wearing would surely be ruined. (And please this post is a continuation of some tongue in cheek humor for anyone who just jumps in without reading the above posts. Posts by BOTH skeeter and myself.)




    Looks like my plan is back on track, and, I'm not paranoid.  People ARE out to get me.

    Hey, I'm thinking of starting a 501c.  I'm calling it "Government:  The Bigger, the Better", or maybe " Government:  Get in line or get Audited"

    Which one do you think has a better chance of getting approved?


    I actually have some inside information of your question. You are going to like this.

    You know I am a lawyer. You probably do not know that for a period of my life, I was a litigator for the Office of Chief Counsel for the IRS on Summer Street in Boston. 

    That is not the same as being an agent for the IRS. These are the people that represent the IRS versus the taxpayer, the partnership, the corporation, etc., both in federal court and in the U.S Tax Court. They are the prosecutors.

    You also may know the IRS has unprecented powers. Often it is akin to the reverse of innocent until proven guilty. I swear I believe that is why so many of the agents I dealt with by necessity became IRS agents. So much power comes with that position before it ever reaches litigation. 

    You can pay up what is determined to be your total amount owed and stop the clock ticking on penalities and double digit interest. Then you have earned the right to have your case heard when the Tax Court next swings around. can let the clock keep ticking, go to Federal Court, but you are going to need a lawyer at $$$/hour.

    The above version is a very very short summary of how it works as some posters may know. 

    I am not afraid of an audit letter because first we do not cheat ever on our taxes. But, you can still get one and not have done anything wrong. And it is a nightmare...esp. since most people are not either rich and/or trained in tax law.


    So, of the two choices you presented in your post:

                               Hey, I'm thinking of starting a 501c.  I'm calling it "Government:  The Bigger, the Better", or maybe " Government:  Get in line or get Audited"

    my free advice to you is the second title as the lessor of two evils. 

    I may have a sense of humor, BUT, the IRS in short does not. Mostly when I was there cases were about bang for your bucks. An agent looking for big cases but also we needing winnable cases.

    But some were about taxpayers just thumbing their noses at the concept of paying what they legally owed. Filing but not paying a cent arguing the system was voluntary. Or deducting 50% because the defense budget was 50% of the budget. Or trying to pass off a hobby as a business thru which they could run deductions. Or simply just did not file...that applies to a lot of self-employed people. For years.

    Sometimes their accountant, CPA and/or tax lawyer prepared their taxes incorrectly. But they were still on the hook. They really were not trying to cheat. I hated those cases.

    Btw, it seems Gregin is amused with your government edits. So, chiewhowie is amused by me, among other "libruls" and now Gregin is amused by your edits. Way to go, skeeter!

    To me that says we all can get along here if we just work at it a little bit.

    p.s. the IRS background in litigation has been a real fun thing to have on my permanent resume. It quite amuses me when I am being treated as just the missus, and one or more jerks have been going on and on and on about all the ways they cheated on their taxes and gloating. My husband or myself have more than a few times said, btw, did you know that my wife is a former litigator for the IRS? Kodak moment does not do it justice. And there is another free piece of advice. A lot of cases are started by tips from angry ex spouses, neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc. Be real careful because you would not believe the people who in confidence drop a dime on people they know and know what they are trying to get away with tax wise.