Washington State's I-1098 Initiative

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    Washington State's I-1098 Initiative

    The State has no income tax, and is voting today to add an income tax.....but only to those making $200k or greater.

    Does this seem fair to anyone? 


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    Re: Washington State's I-1098 Initiative

    Not enough info in the article to make a judgement.  They don't state if there is a sales tax and if it applies to everything and they don't state there is a property tax.

    I'd be more in favor of a capital gains tax.  I like the idea of taxing money a person earns off their money more than I do taxing money someone earned through their hard work.  Tax them on their investments.

    A wealthy person who lives off their investments pays a lower tax rate than a person who works for a living.  They pay a lower income tax rate and they don't have payroll taxes withheld.

    Let the wealthy pay their fair share.
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    Re: Washington State's I-1098 Initiative

    Its up to them. I think its fine to target the wealthiest members of society for a tax. But I also could give two sh!ts about what goes on in Washington State. Don't care for their food, music or coffee. Hopefully, when the aliens invade (and they will), they will use Seattle residents as target practice for their Varon T-Disruptors.