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CLC forgets the ginormous, unfunded Medicare Part D Prescription drug program passed under Bush...

...which was the largest single entitlement ever enacted at the time (adding a trillion or so to the deficit to boot)...

...and effectively cemented Big Pharma as a "govt entity" with its own veto power over negotiating drug prices.

It took Obamacare to close the 'donut hole' between cost and price for tens of millions of elderly citizens.  


Donut hole? That is your answer? The ultimate inside lobbyist corruption of mega corporations that progressives rant about, with their alleged principles...and ignored because, hey,  ObamaCare closed the 'donut hole'...

As laughable as the progressive defense of Obama drone strikes...

Congrats, that post cements your lead as the #1 loyal Obama toadie on competition here is tough, but you admirably soldier on with your excess slobbering.


Matty, wdywn, angryman, dirtylover etc. they are all such hopeless shills for the dem party it's really not debate with them because they are not going to oppose their party line with any fevor. They may make "I didnt like that" or "I said I opposed that" type statements time to time to give the sense of real objectivity but, to anyone paying attention they are all sheep following the dem herd without stepping out of line!!