What does the BDC forum have in common with Hell's Kitchen?

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    What does the BDC forum have in common with Hell's Kitchen?

    Anyone ever watch the show Hell's Kitchen? I've watched a season or two but for those who have never heard of it..it's essentially a cooking show where a bunch of wanna be chefs team up and compete with another team of wanna be chefs. Under the watchful eye of Chef Gordon Ramsey they engage in real time restaurant cooking situations where they mostly fail miserably. Chef Ramsey watches the train wreck for as long as he can before he utters his three famous words..."shut it down".

    For some reason those three words come to mind as I spend a few minutes in these discussion forums. In 25 minutes, I have succeeded in commenting on one thread. I have attempted to open 5 separate threads only to continue to get ads instead of the thread I am trying to open. After multiple attempts..I give up. I have succeeded in opening a couple of discussion threads including one in the sports forum only to see them littered with "this post has been removed". So much for the "discussion" of the "discussion forum".

    Now I realize a couple of things as I post this. First..I am probably wasting my time. If this post is still here tomorrow morning, I will be nothing short of stunned.

    The second thing I realize is that BDC is not interested. That's right..they...don't...care.

    The moderators either don't care...or they are completely and utterly incompetent. I mean..they deleted a harmless thread about Markey which referred right back to their own article..! Huh??? That is the height of idiocy.

    Further..they've created these discussion threads "talk to BDC" where they encourage users to talk to them and report problems they are having with the site. Go check one out..they are littered with more "this post has been removed" comments than almost any other threads. Entire threads in the entertainment section are made up of nothing other than "this post has been removed". It is completely insane.

    It's been months and the site is not getting better..it is getting worse. The poor moderating and arbitrary removal of innocent threads and comments is a joke. Having to load threads repeatedly and still not being able to access them is a joke.

    I predict that if these issues continue that the only people posting in these forums will be the trolls that go from site to site copying and pasting their propaganda. Once that happens ..in the words of Chef Ramsey..they might as well just Shut It Down.

    No doubt this post will earn me a suspension or a deleted account. If it does..then I will not be back and it was nice chatting with many of you.  But...I am becoming less and less interested in posting here with each passing week. If I showed this level of disinterest and incompetence at my job..I would have been fired a long time ago.

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    Re: What does the BDC forum have in common with Hell's Kitchen?

    You should ask for your money back.



    Think for yourself, question authority.

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