Where is the compromise and leadership Mr. President??

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    Re: Where is the compromise and leadership Mr. President??

    In response to 12-Angry-Men's comment:

    In response to undead's comment:

      I hate to break this to you 12 but the minority may break the financial stability of the country. The House is responding to the 35%, not the 60%, and the house makes the budget, not the president, so everyone will lose this one.  Just because John Q. Public speaks, doesn't mean the politicians have to listen. WDYWN, I do understand your point, but Obama had a choice and he made the wrong one. It's far easier to get something done with a kind word than it is with a defiant shout. 

    A lot of insight in that post.


    So you're saying it is the wingnuts fault if we go over the cliff.

    So you're saying that in fiscal matters, elected officials should ignore the majority of Americans in favor of political partisanship.

    So you're saying it's okay for politicians to serve the financial interests of the 2% over the financial interests of the rest of the country.

    So you're saying that the budget deficits are a result of the wingnut-led HoR and not Obama.

    So you're saying politicians should ignore the voters, the people who pay their salary.

     And yet you still want to try and blame Obama......



    It's ideas like yours which will ensure the wingnuts stay a minority party for years to come.

    That will be their new slogan:

    "We will hijack gov't for the crazy few."


     You act as if this hasn't been done before but it happened right here in MA. I remember one 'King' Tom Finneran standing up on a stage with a microphone, backed by his democratic mob, to tell us, John Q. Public, that we didn't know what was good for us when we voted to roll back the state income tax and that he wasn't going to allow the motion to pass.

     So pardon me if I scream at the top of my lungs a harty **** you for suggesting that it's only the republicans who pull this kind of garbage.

     Just because the public votes one way doesn't mean the politicians will follow along. There is a debate over whether or not such actions should be considered criminal but anyone with half a brain can clearly see that the HoR controls the wallet of the country and they aren't opening it. They also aren't listening to John Q. Public, but then again, according to an example set by the democrats here in MA, they don't have to.

     And yes, I'll still blame Obama. Like I said, he had a choice and with that choice he decided to challenge the HoR instead of asking for help.

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    Re: Where is the compromise and leadership Mr. President??

    These pesky OPs.  Now that the republicans have marched forward (Murdoch&Ailes's lead the day before yesterday) and fallen all over each other (yesterday), who should the president compromise with?  Should he be looking over the speaker's shoulder -- not for who might succeed him, but just in the negotiations?  With the strong primary value here being compromise (two question marks in the thread title), how does the president compromise first?