Why govt spending doesnt create jobs

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    Re: Why govt spending doesnt create jobs

    In response to A_Concerned_Citizen's comment:

    Ya just gotta sit back and laugh at the twisted perspective thru which wingnuts view the world. It's an alternate reality that is borne of a need for self-delusion.

    The DOE loan guarantee program was created in 2005 by the wingnut-led Congress and signed by a wingnut President.

    Now, all of a sudden, the same program the whackjobs created and utilized for years is bad because the other party is now using the same program.

    Just more hypocrisy and attempts to evade responsibility by the whacko wingnut party.


    The wackjob Concerned Citizen with the same tired idiotic "Republicans are hypocrites" , 'wacko wingnut' mantra. Gets old.

    Did it ever occur to you that some government programs like the disastrous boondoggle known as the DOE loan guarantee program, cheered on by liberals (of course) but supported also by Republicans,  have been proven failures and need to be reformed or ended? Of course not. You are in "an alternate reality that is borne of a need for self-delusion."

     GOP politicians tried to steer green energy spending to their home districts... that is part of representing your district and voters. You may not like the program, but you can represent your constituents. Just like the Democrats who were anti-war, like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry , brought home the bacon of big defense contracts to build weapons to kill people, whilst piously insulting the US military daily. 

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