Rather than tossing cannonballs at each other for those on different sides of the fence, ask what you would've done if you were either of those guys.

 If you were Zim, when you went on your patrol, are you looking to act when problems come up or are you looking to cause a problem to act up in? Mistakes were made and I agree with the guy that posted if Zim had only stayed in his car than nothing would've happended.

 If you're Tray, when challenged, do you:

A: Quietly and respectfully answer the questions

B: get all up in their face about it


 This is not a case of one person making all the mistakes. They both made horrible mistakes. Zim should've just followed as Tray had not done anything to cause a problem up to that point. Tray should've simply explained what he was doing and walked away and instead decided to fight.

 Seriously, even when Martin had stratteld Zim, he still could of simply gotten up and ran away. Instead, he starting throwing punches, and at that point it is no longer about who's right or wrong but instead about survival.

 From what I saw in the trial, it looks to me like Zim was looking for a fight. He wanted to be the hero and in order to do that you need to pick fights. Martin's mistake, and keep in mind that this mistake cost him his life, wasn't that he fought back, but that he took up the issue with the wrong person. He should've done whatever Zim said and then gone to the police and sued Zim into the stone age. Instead, he fought Zim, and no matter what anyone says on either side of the fence, the fact is, Martin threw the punch. I know it's not fair but, in the eyes of the law, that makes Martin the bad guy.

 If you've ever heard the phrase 'pick your fights carefully', now you know why.