WASHINGTON -- President Obama on Wednesday will consider a new compromise plan for adding troops to Afghanistan that would deploy 30,000 to 35,000 new forces, including as many as 10,000 military trainers, over the next year or more.

The new scenario combines reinforcements for fighting Taliban insurgents with trainers aimed at rapidly increasing the size and capabilities of Afghan troops to take on more operations themselves. It wouldn't aim to eliminate the Taliban, but weaken it until Afghan forces can secure major population centers themselves.

The plan doesn't call for a surge like the one employed in Iraq but appears to be a compromise to those urging more troops -- and those backing Vice President Biden's go-slow approach

WHen is this putz going to get it? In war.. there is no compromise.
Bad enough he takes months to make a decision when American lives are on the line. I'm more than aware of HIS inability to make decisions based on HIS senate record but HE is supposed to be the big guy. What a wuss