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Obama's comment is referring to transparency - Cheney's refusal to answer Congressional subpoenas, hiding out in undisclosed locations, claiming immunity to all accountability because he was part of both the Executive & Legislative branches of government.  Like No Mo O says - the good old days.



The good old days when Bush was President, when liberals smeared and attacked Bush and Cheney daily, wanting them to be put on trial for war crimes; libs didnt have to worry about  being called racists, or not being bipartisan, or, gulp,  wanting the President to fail.

"hiding out in undisclosed locations"

Yes, on 9/11 when the US was under attack, Vice President Cheney was brought to an undisclosed location...turns out it was the Greenbriar Resort in West Virginia, an underground bunker built during the Cold War. You attack him politically for this?

"claming immunity for all accountability"

What the hell are you referring to?

You forgot how chic it was to include hanging Bush in effigy as part of Halloween displays, particularly on the left coast.

The conservatives have been kind to Obama in comparison to the treatment Bush and Cheney received from the left.