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Once again as a certain poster recycles. No the ICC has no warrant for the vatican state. topaz978
7:04 PM
1 728 days ago by topaz978
Will the International Criminal Court investigate Ratzinger and his henchmen for the child sex abuse "crimes against humanity?" Bopanopawitz
4:57 PM
1 728 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Child rape, Molestation, Sodomy, Violence: Freshly sifted from Roman Catholic Leadership's sewer Bopanopawitz
10:11 AM
1 730 days ago by Bopanopawitz
When thinking all societies in the world, think Subjugation of women, crime and hypocrisy topaz978
6:10 PM
1 732 days ago by topaz978
When thinking of Roman Catholic leadership, think Subjugation of women, crime and hypocrisy. Bopanopawitz
9:32 AM
1 732 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Australia: Claiming RC leadership lied, mother of clergy sex abuse victim makes call for "Royal Commission" for investigation of the Catholic Church Bopanopawitz
10:37 PM
1 734 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Australia: News reports force Roman Catholic Church to reopen a child sexual abuse investigation. Bopanopawitz
12:06 AM
1 738 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Hopes and ambitions in a tiny corner of the world AppDev
8:02 PM
1 738 days ago by AppDev
Tremor in Japan opening new fissure AppDev
8:48 AM
1 741 days ago by AppDev
Ecuador. The new Iran? topaz978
11:44 PM
1 750 days ago by topaz978
In light of their history regarding child sexual assault, should Roman Catholic Church Leaders remain out of reach of the law? Bopanopawitz
11:19 PM
1 751 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Jihad declared on clergy abuse victims. Bopanopawitz
12:23 PM
1 754 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Appdev, How do we get more debate? topaz978
10:41 PM
1 755 days ago by topaz978
UK. Liverpool region sex abuse priest who blamed his teenage victim jailed Bopanopawitz
10:39 PM
1 757 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Catholic Church Quietly Declares Holy War on Child Sex Abuse Victims Bopanopawitz
9:46 AM
1 757 days ago by Bopanopawitz
British historian: Church has not learned from abuse in past centuries Bopanopawitz
10:58 PM
1 758 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Pope's envoy "apologizes" to child victims of clerical sex abuse, but all the guilty keep their jobs. Bopanopawitz
11:11 PM
1 759 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Vatican says US nuns must promote church teachings Bopanopawitz
10:54 AM
1 759 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Ireland. Roman Catholic 50th International Eucharistic Congress FLOPS, afloat in a fetid sea of centuries of crime against our children Bopanopawitz
4:10 PM
1 761 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Ireland: This Archbishop should remain: Archbishop's plea for abuse victims Bopanopawitz
11:46 PM
1 762 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Pointless posts by the Bopope law firm. topaz978
10:01 PM
2 762 days ago by topaz978
Uh oh. Priests as Pintos: Fraud and the Next Catholic Crisis Bopanopawitz
5:49 PM
1 762 days ago by Bopanopawitz
The pope's heavy-hitting point man at the Eucharistic Congress Bopanopawitz
4:55 PM
1 764 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Catholic nuns will head to the Vatican on Tuesday to address accusations that it strayed from church doctrine. Bopanopawitz
4:10 PM
1 764 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Why the Catholic Church is losing ground in Ireland Bopanopawitz
1:03 AM
1 767 days ago by Bopanopawitz