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Australia: Roman Catholic Sex abuse suicide report to go to coroner (at least 40 victims) Bopanopawitz
11:58 PM
1 818 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Ireland: Child advocate quits parish after discovery of 'restricted' priest Bopanopawitz
11:51 PM
1 818 days ago by Bopanopawitz
More money in Catholic child abuse fraud claims than in legitimate claims by the 99% of real abuse topaz978
10:58 PM
2 826 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Representative photo of the majority of Catholics when they hear of 1,700 years of Catholic children's sex abuse by clergy protected by bishops. Look here: Bopanopawitz
11:39 PM
2 827 days ago by JM0N
Canada: Child sexual predator priest on his way to jail. Bopanopawitz
11:28 PM
1 828 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Think Iran or Syria... Firewind
10:06 AM
12 830 days ago by hilarity1
Australia: Catholic Church threatened with government investigation over child sex-abuse! Bopanopawitz
9:16 AM
1 830 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Chile: Another RC Leadership's rotten egg breaks open (Note the smell)! Bopanopawitz
9:07 AM
1 830 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Police: Dozens of suicides linked to sex abuse by Bishop-Protected Roman Catholic Clergymen. Bopanopawitz
8:27 AM
1 830 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Catholic Abuse Scandals Continues To Take Toll On US Church, $144 Million In (new) Settlements Bopanopawitz
3:11 PM
1 832 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Former P.E.I. priest to face another charge in sex abuse case Bopanopawitz
12:12 PM
1 833 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Pope talks about "groping in the darkness" at Easter Mass Bopanopawitz
12:04 AM
1 834 days ago by Bopanopawitz
International Roman Catholic Sex abuse: Former Fargo priest ordered extradited from Philippines Bopanopawitz
10:55 PM
1 838 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Knights of Columbus' Chaplains. A few examples of who they've honored: Bopanopawitz
10:39 PM
1 838 days ago by Bopanopawitz
New book accuses Vatican of hiding cases of sexual abuse of minors. Bopanopawitz
11:37 PM
1 840 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Catholic Clergy Child Sexual Predators' favorite laws: Bopanopawitz
11:33 PM
1 840 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Vatican ends probe of clergy abuse in Ireland (REAL CHANGES = 0, Nada, Zero, Zip, Zilch, Zed!)) Bopanopawitz
10:44 PM
3 842 days ago by topaz978
US Generals Warn- If Israel strikes Iran Hundreds of Americans will die. Blame the Israel Firsters If It happens real-democrat
10:37 PM
20 844 days ago by real-democrat
Ratzinger shunned as PARIAH by sex abuse victims in Mexico. Bopanopawitz
10:49 PM
1 848 days ago by Bopanopawitz
MEXICO: "La Voluntad de no Saber" (Willing Not to be Aware). Ratzinger gets a virtual "Pie in the Face" Bopanopawitz
10:17 PM
1 848 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Stormcloud of child rape, molestation & cover-up dogs Ratzinger in Mexico Bopanopawitz
3:48 PM
2 849 days ago by AppDev
Isreal Blockades trade to palestine. Then lies to UN topaz978
7:10 PM
7 851 days ago by topaz978
Happy International Women's Day Kayti
1:41 PM
3 855 days ago by StalkingButler
Schismatic Catholic church keeps independence AppDev
1:00 PM
3 855 days ago by AppDev
Chelmsley Wood sex abuse victim set to sue Catholic Church after ex priest Alexander Bede Walsh is jailed Bopanopawitz
12:16 AM
1 859 days ago by Bopanopawitz