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Happy International Women's Day Kayti
1:41 PM
3 1526 days ago by StalkingButler
Schismatic Catholic church keeps independence AppDev
1:00 PM
3 1527 days ago by AppDev
Chelmsley Wood sex abuse victim set to sue Catholic Church after ex priest Alexander Bede Walsh is jailed Bopanopawitz
12:16 AM
1 1531 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Every accused is innocent. That is the LAW topaz978
8:51 PM
1 1532 days ago by topaz978
England: Catholic priest gets 22 years in prison for child sex abuse Bopanopawitz
11:45 AM
1 1532 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Australia: Suspected: suspected the church had too much influence at the highest levels of politics. Bopanopawitz
11:42 AM
1 1532 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Wait Bofraud there are no female catholic bishops topaz978
10:03 PM
1 1537 days ago by topaz978
Jesus is our light in dark times, Pope Benedict says (psst. Ratzinger's light is generated by the fires of hell) Bopanopawitz
10:57 AM
1 1538 days ago by Bopanopawitz
3/10: Dissident Female Catholic Bishop Calls for Pope to Resign over Sex Abuse Scandal Bopanopawitz
10:39 AM
1 1538 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Predator-Clergy and Bishop-protectors BEWARE: Moldova orders castration for child abusers Bopanopawitz
10:01 AM
1 1538 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Catholic bishop child sexual predator almost outruns the law. Almost. Bopanopawitz
12:17 AM
1 1539 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Again Israel wants ITS kind of religious freedom topaz978
7:47 PM
7 1539 days ago by rukhama
Mealy-mouthed priest tries to say that the way back is through prayer and bringing saints into the picture. (What a bunch of malarkey!) Bopanopawitz
11:48 PM
1 1540 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Former (Roman Catholic) priest reveals lifetime of abuse and offending (Helped by Catholic leadership) Bopanopawitz
1:09 AM
1 1542 days ago by Bopanopawitz
125 (Roman Catholic) priests, lay clergy involved in sex abuse case (Most cowardly Catholics remain mute, giving the guilty a "pass." Bopanopawitz
1:04 AM
1 1542 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Church in Ireland at a breaking point says Archbishop Diarmuid Martin on “60 Minutes” Bopanopawitz
10:52 PM
1 1543 days ago by Bopanopawitz
After 1700 years, Catholic leadership sees their heinous behavior come "to the forefront (only) 10 years ago..." Bopanopawitz
9:55 AM
1 1543 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Another bishops' pride: Pembroke Priest Accused of Assaulting Preteen Boys, Adult M Bopanopawitz
9:00 AM
1 1543 days ago by Bopanopawitz
The Pride of the Vatican: Irish priest convicted of sexual abuse for the fourth time - victims live with nightmare Bopanopawitz
8:57 AM
1 1543 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Ottawa. Brought to you by Catholic leadership: Ottawa Valley priest charged in sex assaults Bopanopawitz
8:36 AM
1 1543 days ago by Bopanopawitz
The veiw of the Bopope State on muslims topaz978
9:03 PM
1 1544 days ago by topaz978
The Muslim world's view of the Roman Catholic Church (Al Jazeera) Bopanopawitz
7:43 PM
1 1544 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Ireland. Ex-priest jailed for sex abuse of boys (Catholic Church leaders STILL does not cooperate...Surprise Bopanopawitz
12:29 AM
1 1545 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Souls are Forever topaz978
8:44 PM
1 1545 days ago by topaz978
"Murdered Souls" video Bopanopawitz
11:49 AM
1 1546 days ago by Bopanopawitz