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UK: Monk’s victim seeks church apology. The Vatican is a "FAILED STATE" that needs to have the corrupted leaders removed. Bopanopawitz
1:23 AM
1 934 days ago by Bopanopawitz
North American challenge: acid rain AppDev
4:35 PM
8 934 days ago by topaz978
Sex abuse scandal in the Netherlands brings requiem for Dutch Catholicism Bopanopawitz
10:43 PM
1 939 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Intenational Aspects of proof. (dont accuse without proof) topaz978
10:20 PM
1 939 days ago by topaz978
International Aspects of the U.S.(Catholic Clergy) Abuse Crisis Bopanopawitz
8:43 PM
2 939 days ago by topaz978
Brazil Does the right thing topaz978
9:53 PM
1 939 days ago by topaz978
Child rapist Irish priest "on the lam," arrested in Brazil via INTERPOL and extradited to face charges in Ireland. Bopanopawitz
3:54 PM
1 940 days ago by Bopanopawitz
ICC Says more important things to deal with, SORRY BOPOPE topaz978
1:07 AM
1 941 days ago by topaz978
Int'l Criminal Court urged to investigate Vatican officials...Pope, secretaries of state and CDF heads named in petition Bopanopawitz
12:22 AM
1 943 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Catholic Church involved in abuse of Dutch children, report says Bopanopawitz
7:48 PM
2 944 days ago by topaz978
Israel authorizes illegal settlers to shoot palestinians topaz978
9:09 PM
45 944 days ago by topaz978
Current Roman Catholic leadership directly causes the fragmentation of our Church. Bopanopawitz
8:07 PM
1 944 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Ratzinger celebrates Midnight Mass... Bopanopawitz
1:00 PM
2 945 days ago by shumirules
Will advanced nuclear sell to the world? AppDev
10:31 AM
3 945 days ago by AppDev
Dublin archbishop felt alone in confronting sex-abuse scandal Bopanopawitz
12:26 AM
1 951 days ago by Bopanopawitz
A chip off the old Vatican Block: Report highlights failure of diocese Bopanopawitz
11:51 PM
1 951 days ago by Bopanopawitz
How much justice for clergy abuse victims? How much change is expected in Philly. Let's check Chaput's history... Bopanopawitz
8:54 PM
2 951 days ago by topaz978
The Netherlands: 20,000 new corpses of children's murdered hearts and souls added to the millions assaulted over the centuries. Bopanopawitz
11:50 PM
2 953 days ago by topaz978
NEW SCANDAL: Roman Catholic priest charged with 38 sex offences in Newfoundland Bopanopawitz
2:23 AM
1 955 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Banksy wades into Catholic church sex abuse scandal with new sculpture Bopanopawitz
2:19 AM
1 955 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Despicable RC Church leadership subverts Justice yet again, continuing their 1700 year old track record of successes. Bopanopawitz
10:34 AM
13 957 days ago by plasko
Ontario: NEW SUIT: Catholic officials failed to report sex abuse, Ontario suits allege Bopanopawitz
2:16 PM
1 958 days ago by Bopanopawitz
News: Knights of Columbus Supreme Chaplain speaks to Congress demanding religious liberty. Bopanopawitz
12:37 PM
2 960 days ago by topaz978
The Netherlands: Documents: Dutch Catholics Knew of Sex Abuse Bopanopawitz
12:19 PM
2 963 days ago by topaz978
Belgium dismisses Church child sex probe evidence (The Hague can reverse this! Fight fire with fire!)* Bopanopawitz
12:29 AM
2 971 days ago by topaz978