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Egypt Struggles for Democracy

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    Egypt Struggles for Democracy

    I have a friend, a retired Professor, who is currently in Egypt observing first hand the developments there. He has been updating his blog by telephone because the regime has shut down the internet.

    He does not have a particular political bent, but he does support the uprising, which is largely driven by young educated people. This is definitely NOT an Islamic driven rebellion, though of course there are Islamic factions in Egypt.

    Essentially the most important demand of this movement is to enable free elections. The same president has been in power 30 years and now wants to name his son to succeed him.

    I think you will find it interesting to read his blog at Middle East Today

    These are editorial accounts of the last 2 days

    The Following articles give some background on events leading up to this moment.

    News has been a bit spotty due to government control of content, but you will find links at this site to news agencies that are publishing information.

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    Re: Egypt Struggles for Democracy

    Name me just one Arab country that has parlamentary democracy??.....the Muslims will never accept democracy!!
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    Re: Egypt Struggles for Democracy

    We will soon see the fate of Hosni Mubarak.