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Invincible Bioterror of the Bush Nazis

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    Invincible Bioterror of the Bush Nazis

    Hi Boston! Gonna hide this? Gonna take it and wipe yourself with it! Must protect the stupidity of your Bush idiots no matter what, huh? This is from Facebook.

    The Invincible Bioterror of the Bush Tribe
    9/13 Yesterday they were shooting me in the knees in a further attempt to cripple me. 9/21 Everything I do "drives Bush crazy"; thus he continues with his bioterror assaults everywhere I go! 9/26 Since Secret Service is a rogue police force, GHW Bush is always standing by to pick up SS rejects whenever SS is seeking new SS. Not to mention Israel, GHW Bush revealed last night that SS has records of him conferring with rogue leaders in the Middle East. Barbed projectiles have to be completely removed from the skin it seems, for they apparently function more or less as "pheromones" to attract parasitic mites to the site. Scabies is a non-contagious affliction, but the medical profession has been trying to convince you otherwise; thus it is joins the flu, whooping cough, and numerous cancers such as prostate and breast cancers as a means of terrorizing the public. 9/29 You know that Nazi Mental Health has always been more or less a "legal" form of bioterrorism where they manipulate the court to let them poison people with "pesticides posing as psychotropic drugs.' Now they are apparently actively disabling their targets with toxic chemicals, insects, etc. Not to mention electrobioterrorism. If you are reading this, they are probably already after you. Keep in mind that if they don't use scabies on you, they have the most toxic insects and chemicals that you can imagine at their disposal. Sure you can talk to them about their pathological activities, then they will try to kill you. 10/11 Appt. with Nazi Mental Health tomorrow. 10/12 Skipped appt. Wrote them a letter requesting them to end their sham. 10/13 GHW Bush revealed last night that he has never failed to get what he wants by using bioterror on people. As it is written, "the mouth of a fool invites ruin"; thus GHW Bush's own words will be used against him and bring about his downfall.(Prov. 10:14; 12:13 Ps. 59:12) Can you imagine? "If you don't give me a diploma, I'm going to bug you to death!"

    9/11/2011 - In the same way as the burning of the Reichstag Building served to propel the Nazis to power in Germany in 1933, the destruction of the World Trade Center along with the other crashes of 9/11 served to promote the continuation of the Bush Dynasty. Although rendered all of my perfected articles of 2001-3 inaccessible when the Bush Nazis (a.) took over that site, I was still able to retrieve the following pertinent copies via the titles of Bush Daddy Ramifications (2002):
    As I have written, "Then the Bush Nazis blew Flight 800 out of the sky with a surface-to-air missilbe and probably knocked the World Trade Center towers down to suppress that story. (Maybe this article led to 9/11: ) With no proof of hijackers other than the mindless ramblings of Arabs, they've convinced you that those jets were hijacked and that Dumb Boy was a war hero for not letting it happen again while he was in Office. These Bushes with their bogus educational credentials say that they have "made a lie their refuge and falsehood their hiding place" (Is. 28:15) ", also "The foolproof plan of GHW Bush, the "uncrowned king of Babylon"(Is. 14) and his supporters for world domination is to give their followers some pathological course of action to eliminate people until there is nobody left but Bush Nazis. (Is. 28:15)" and "Understand that Dumb Boy was always bragging that he had kept terrorism at bay during the course of his Administration; i.e. he probably did so by letting GHW Bush continue to wage a bioterror war with his Eagle stealth helicoptors and by other other means; thus there were no more towers knocked down. Since 9/11 the Bush Nazis have been waging the "bioterror stealth war" in earnest, and millions have probably died, including those seeking medical treatment for the lethal stuff that the Bush Nazis have been dumping on them. On top of that , the Bush Nazis have also created a "famine for the word of the Lord" (Amos 8:11) by censoring, blocking, deleting, or restricting access to my writings and harassing, threatening, or killing the people who read them. Even though GHW Bush has been trying to kill me with toxics and other lethal stuff for 16 years or more, thinking that he was supposed to "kill his own people" (Is. 14:20) by having them try to kill me. (Rev. 11:5); he now realizes that he must kill his own people to keep them from revealing that he was the one who had them doing such criminal stuff. Of course he will keep mouthing inanities saying that he "did not want that stuff to happen!" We can't have that! That is why Hosea says that he "must be silenced" (Hosea 10:15). Thus Daniel says that his body will be "...lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man's heart was given to it." (Dan. 7:4). Yeah! Then we'll parade him around the earth, promoting the number, 666, in my Heart of Israel to save his people. We can fix it so he can mouth inanities, feign importance and brush people off. They will never know he is dead!

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    Re: Invincible Bioterror of the Bush Nazis

    As I noted in BDC forum, this site is hacked. This post is already disappearing from the forum list.