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Storm Warning: Anti-semitism gathers.

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    Re: Storm Warning: Anti-semitism gathers.

    Anti-Semites use the Israeli/Muslim conflict as an excuse to hide their true motivations. This becomes patently obvious when you see the silence that ensues when Muslims kill Muslims, whether that be in the name of secular power such as Saddam, Shia versus Sunni, or Islamists implementing their draconian version of Sharia law.   


    It’s true that this is not the anti-Semitism of the 1930s, which came from the right and was rooted in longstanding Christian views that demonized the Jews. Traditionally, Islam did not treat Jews this way. But in the past century a distinct strain of Muslim anti-Semitism has emerged. Built on a foundation of antipathy toward non-Muslims, it mixes Christian anti-Semitism — imported to the Middle East by European missionaries — and a more leftist, secular form of anti-Semitism. It is evident in political cartoons, editorials, television shows and newspaper articles

    It's a truism amongst academics that anti-Semitism has it's roots in the Christian European right but that paternalistic view discounts hundreds of years of Muslim discrimination against Jews and other non-Muslims in the Muslim world. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem wasn't swayed by Hitler (who was neither Christian nor "the right") to become an anti-Semite, clearly he was such long before the Nazis came to power in Germany. It also discounts the fact that middle eastern Christians are now undergoing ethnic cleansing in the same fashion that Jews have over the course of the last few decades.

    Anti-Semitism in Europe is now mostly an artifact of the far left and some deluded nationalists but that isn't true for the middle east. Anti-Semitism there is rooted in the Islamist dream of the resurgence of the Caliphate and anyone that doesn't subscribe to their extreme form of Islam will be forced to conform or die.



    Think for yourself, question authority.

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    Re: Storm Warning: Anti-semitism gathers.

    In spite of the fact the there have been some prominent Jews appointed by Obama, he appears to be infected with some anti-semitism as well.

    Look at his UN speech where he rips ISIS a new one and he can justify an illegal authorization of military force to bomb a sovereign nation. Yet when it comes to Hamas - Jews are supposed to show restraint and proportionality. What is the difference between Hamas and ISIS? Nothing. Both extremist Islamic terrorist groups. 

    It is true that other Presidents have looked the other way when it comes to Hamas and the Palestinians, but Obama takes it further, even to the point of making Netanyahu leave the White House by the back door. He allows scum from the Muslim Brotherhood to visit with him in the Oval Office. His policies in the ME are definitely sympathetic to Israel's enemies as he has supported actions resulting in the rise of Islamic extremism from Tunisia to Teheran. He is virtually handing the bomb to Iran.

    If he isn't anti-semetic, he is doing a good job of imitation.

    Personally I think he has a thing against Israel and it causes him to  pursue hypocritical policies.

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    Re: Storm Warning: Anti-semitism gathers.

    In response to NowWhatDoYouWant's comment:

    Hamas is a terrorist organization, but  there are differences. For one thing, ISIS is more extreme than everybody else. ISIS has no quasi-separated political wing. ISIS is actively trying to conquer terrority, while Hamas is actively trying to kill Jews.
    The Hamas charter says it is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine. Since the 1920s, the Muslim Brotherhhod has pursued the goal of establishing the caliphate and sharia in Muslim countries.

    Osama bin Laden pursued the same objective. A New York Times reporter who spent months as a Taliban prisoner reported they had been radicalized by foreign jihadists and were pursuing the same goal of a singular Muslim theocracy.

    The Islamic State is the latest manifestation of a movement built on the foundation of a common ideology.