Stormcloud of child rape, molestation & cover-up dogs Ratzinger in Mexico

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    Traditional grinding of political axes

    The previous reader's posting, inspired by an Irish Times article, ignored the lead, which turned rather more political than anticlerical, saying:

    "Will the pope meet 85-year-old Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro? Will he issue a blanket condemnation of the USA's 52-year-old economic embargo on the island? Will the Cuban regime led by Raul Castro, brother of Fidel, attempt to exploit the pope's visit, using it as some sort of government propaganda tool? Or will this visit improve both church-state relations and the status of the island’s seven million Catholics?"

    The Irish Times did then wax anticlerical, as the reader's extended quotation reflects, but at the end it returned to traditional grinding of the political axes, saying:

    "The sex abuse issue may yet overshadow a visit that has been seen by many as an attempt by the 'Eurocentric' pope to curry favour in Latin America, home to more than half of the world's 1.1 billion Catholics. Sixteen of the pope’s 22 trips have been to Europe, and he stressed his Eurocentric vision for the church again last month when naming 16 Europeans and just one Latin American among 22 new cardinals."

    None of those new cardinals were from Ireland, notably omitting Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin. He has taken outspoken roles in confronting sex abuse by Irish priests, which appears to be the most widespread and deeply rooted among the problems of European countries. With the following news article, note that comments are in the order of most recent first.

    [ Patrick Roberts, Pope Benedict snubs Dublin's Archbishop Martin for new cardinal list, January 6, 2012, Irish Central (a news aggregator site operated from New York City), at ]