WHAT OBAMA MUST EXPLAIN TO US VOTERS: /--he said Taliban takeover would offer ‘even larger’safe havens for Qaeda. /But how much larger, adding topresent havens in Pakistan,Somalia, Yemen, Phillipines, Indonesia,and more?// --If we pull out of border regions (as planned) , we’ll have even less‘actionable intelligence’ than we have now.// --he says we need many more civilians advisersto bolster Afghan agriculture, economy./But right now these civilians don’t dare leave Kabul./State Dept. refuses to send more than 1000 total civilians.// --he warns of Taliban repression of women—but most Afghansagree with that./ Karzai passed a law forbidding wives to leave housewithout husbands permission, and allowing wife to starveif she didn’t give husband sex twice a week.// --He talks of vastly expanding and trainingAfghan forces—but observers say this might takeA decade or more--& might be impossible. --He talks of benchmarks toward our exit—but so far these have not been offered.NYTIMES EDITORIAL19NOV Obama CAN’T explain away these obstaclesTo staying in Afgh.