WAS IRAQ WAR WORTH IT?/--People agree that Iraq is now better off than at the height of civil warbetween Shia and Sunni (over destruction of Shia shrine)// --Question should be—are Iraqis better off than under Saddam’s dictatorship?/Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been killed/wounded in our war, or forced abroad/ --Saddam protected womennew Shia regime will crush women (half the population !)once we leave./ --Saddam protected Christianswho now are being crushed and fleeing. --New civil wars are likely when we leave.Shia outnumber Sunnis 3 to 1, have armyTrained & equipped by US. They’ll slaughter Sunnis. ///
--Was this war worth it to America? Winners were Shia and IRAN. We lost THOUSANDS OF GIs killed or wounded, many with shellshock or brain injuries that will wreck their lives back home. --We spent hundreds of billions of (borrowed)dollarswhen our deficit was already nearly intolerable. --Bushies neglected Afghan war by concentrating on Iraq war. ///

--No, this war was NOT worth its costs.