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A Mom's World, Friday, favorite blogs

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    A Mom's World, Friday, favorite blogs

    Today, please share with us some of your favorite parenting blogs and why.

    Also, feel free to nominate another blogger for this series if you'd like.


    If you missed it, Jennifer at A Mom's World has been our Featured Parent Blogger this week. She has introduced herself, shared 20 facts about herself and her blog, shared her favorite blog post, and took questions from readers.

    Thanks so much for participating!

    Learn more about the series and find out how to nominate someone.

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    Re: A Mom's World, Friday, favorite blogs

    Thanks! Some of my favorite parenting blogs include Pragmatic Mom (of course! Education, reading, apps, parenting!), The Honest Toddler (not really parenting, but super funny and spot on with regard to the toddler experience all parents are familiar with), Inspired Healthy Life (which is a great mix of recipes, health tips and parenting experiences), and Boys Don't Read (which is a great blog by a group of dads who are also writers). There are so many out there, though!



    Thanks for a fun week! Happy blogging, everyone!