A Mom's World, Monday introduction

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    A Mom's World, Monday introduction

    Our first Featured Parent Blogger is Jennifer Clark Estes, who blogs at A Mom's World (and, full disclosure, she also hunts down our Parent Buzz event listings in her spare time).

    Welcome! Please introduce yourself and tell us about your blog.


    Attention readers: Feel free to post comments and questions in this thread. To learn more about this series and to nominate a local parenting blogger (or yourself!), go here.


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    Re: A Mom's World, Monday introduction

    Thanks, Kristi, and hi everybody! I'm excited and honored to be the first Featured Parent Blogger here in the forums!

    As Kristi said, my name is Jennifer Clark Estes. I live south of Boston, am married and have four great kids (11, 10, almost 8, almost 7 -- 3 girls and a boy, but not in that order). I'm a freelance writer, at-home mom, former middle school English teacher, and a sometimes tutor. I also write for children -- I have a picture book making some rounds right now with literary agents, and am polishing the latest draft of my novel for middle grade readers, ages 8-12. 

    When I have time, I blog at A Mom's World, which I started in 2006, just after my youngest was born. It's mostly a mishmash of whatever's on my mind -- usually kids and parenting and family life in general, but I can get opinionated about news stories (though I'm rarely political on my blog) and local events and happenings. Sometimes I'm goofy, sometimes I'm serious. I also reflect on my writing process too, from time to time, since being a children's writer is a big part of my days. I used to keep a sister blog called A Life So Sweet, which was about parenting a child with type 1 diabetes, but found it was too difficult to maintain them both, so sometimes I'll share thoughts on the diabetic life at AMW.

    I'm an unpredictable blogger -- I'll go through periods where I post several times a week, then I'll have a time when life gets extremely busy I don't get a chance to post anything for up to a month. I love reading other blogs when I can, and am always very impressed by those who are so diligent about posting more regularly than I do! 

    I'm looking forward to meeting you all over the course of this week, particularly because I lurk here quite a bit, but don't often post (I'm also shy that way). Any questions? Fire away!

    Thanks again for having me!