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A Mom's World, Wednesday, favorite post

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    A Mom's World, Wednesday, favorite post

    So far you've introduced yourself and shared 20 facts about yourself and your blog, A Mom's World.

    Today, please tell us one of your favorite posts in A Mom's World and why.


    Attention readers: Feel free to post comments and questions in this thread. To learn more about this series and to nominate a local parenting blogger (or yourself!), go here.


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    Re: A Mom's World, Wednesday, favorite post

    Picking a favorite post is really hard! I'll try:

    For funny posts, I'd choose "Another one bites the dust" (2009) written after a second pet hermit crab inexplicably died. I know pet death is not a funny topic, but the circumstances were. My other favorite funny post was more recent: "Lessons from One-Arm Baby." I like this one because having a one-armed baby doll hanging around the house -- and how we react to it -- is kind of a universal parenting experience.

    On more serious topics, either "Body image rears its ugly head too soon" or "An Open Letter to My Children." The first, because it still resonates with me, as mom to three girls. The second because it's so heartfelt and, I think, a good piece of writing.

    Thanks for asking!