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Honest Mom, Friday, favorite blogs

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    Honest Mom, Friday, favorite blogs

    A big thank you to JD Bailey from Honest Mom, who has been kind enough to spend the week with us as our Featured Parent Blogger.

    For those who missed it, on Monday she introduced herself. On Tuesday, she shared 20 facts about herself and her blog. On Wednesday, she shared her favorite post. On Thursday, she took questions from readers.

    Today, JD, we'd like to know which parenting blogs you like to read. Also, feel free to nominate a fellow parent blogger for this series if you wish.

    Readers, if you'd like to nominate your favorite blogger (or yourself!) for this series, please let us know!

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    Re: Honest Mom, Friday, favorite blogs

    There are so many blogs I love. Seriously. I spend a lot of time reading blogs, and I'm part of a couple wonderful blogger networks, so its really hard to pick a few!


    Here are a few of my all-time favorites:

    My Life and Kids :

    Mommy Shorts :

    Four Plus An Angel :

    Suburban Snapshots :

    Kissing the Frog :

    The Honest Toddler :

    Parenting, Illustrated with Crappy Pictures :

    Something Clever 2.0 - a great Boston area blogger -

    Don't Mind the Mess - another great Boston blogger -


    Thanks for having me as the featured blogger this week! It's been fun!