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Honest Mom, Wednesday, favorite post

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    Honest Mom, Wednesday, favorite post

    JD Bailey, who blogs at Honest Mom, is our Featured Parent Blogger this week. Monday she introduced herself. Tuesday she shared 20 facts about herself and her blog.

    Today, JD, please share your favorite post with us and tell us why you chose it.


    Readers, feel free to stop by to say "hi" to JD. We'll be chatting with her all week long in these forums so please come back. 

    And to find out more about this series or to nominate a blogger (or yourself!), go here.

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    Re: Honest Mom, Wednesday, favorite post

    One favorite post? That's hard!

    Okay, I'm going to cheat a little. I'll give you my one favorite post from each of the categories I write about.  ;-)

    The depression post I'm most proud of is Judge Not. I wrote it after I appeared on Katie Couric's show and talked with her about depression. The post is sort of my manifesto and talks about why I do what I do.

    My favorite humor post is 12 Similarities Between College Spring Break and Spring Break with My Kids. I was inspired one night after a loooooong school vacation week. And a glass of wine.

    And my favorite post about raising my girls is Goodbye Precious Lovey. Hello, 1st Grade. It's about my daughter Annie and the rite of passage she went through right before starting school.

    Thanks for this opportunity to share Honest Mom with the Moms readers!