Hungry Shark Evolution Hack (Android/iOS)

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    Re: Hungry Shark Evolution Hack (Android/iOS)

    Tutorial How to Fix android device Lock screen

    his guide is for none Commercial use only no any liable even the publisher on this method on what
    will be the result. but I as the Publisher will surely prove to you this method is totally verified. I've been tested it with my different phones as experiment, you can consider it hacking but use it for good. Enjoy Learning! Use you own Risk.

    Following Android Device Requirements:
    1. An Android Device
    2. USB Cord that connects your device, to the PC
    3.USB Debugging MUST be enabled
    USB Debugging MUST be enabled Intruction:

    Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging
    To enable Developer Options go to, Settings > About, then tap on the Build Number 7 times in a row till you see a little box popup saying you have enabled Developer
    First off, you are going to need to plug in your device to the computer.
    After that, go to the start menu and search for " cmd ", also known as Command Prompt, and run it as an administrator, just to avoid any problems.

    See Full Tutorial:

    Another Option For Software: