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i know how is babby formed, Monday, introduction

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    i know how is babby formed, Monday, introduction

    Our #FeaturedParentBlogger this week is Christa Terry from I Know How Is Babby Formed. Here she is with her son, Hunter.

    Welcome, Christa!


    Please tell us more about yourself and your blog. We look forward to learning more about you this week!


    Readers, feel free to stop by to say "hi" to Christa or ask her a question. We'll be chatting with her all week long in these forums so we hope you'll stay with us. Find out more about each day's theme.

    Also, learn more about our past Featured Parent Bloggers. Want to nominate a blogger (or yourself) for this series? Just post a link to the blog here.


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    Re: i know how is babby formed, Monday, introduction

    Hey there!

    I couldn't be more excited to be this week's featured parent blogger. Seriously. As soon as Kristi got in touch – and big props to Christine of Mom's Lifesavers for nominating little old me – I started mentally preparing myself. That's just the kind of person I am, and yet here I am sitting here in front of my computer writing this after the kids are in bed. Which, coincidentally, is when I do a lot of my writing after mulling it over in my head all day or week.

    I'm like a perpetually procrastinating overpreparer.

    Did I mention I'm a writer (and book editor and author)? Maybe it's weird, but I make a distinction between blogger and writer. Most of the writing I do – too much, I think – is professional stuff that ends up on other people's websites. Blogging is what I do to unwind. My first ever blog was a wedding planning guide I started to give myself a venue in which to complain about how my boyfriend (known now as the mister) did not want to get married. That blog actually turned into a pretty lucrative part-time job for a few years, and a book, too, but then suddenly it was another professional project. After that, I blogged on and off for a few years, but couldn't find a niche.

    Until I Know How Is Babby Formed. When I was pregnant in 2009 with my first, a daughter who's now four, I found myself in need of some way to keep our families informed as to what was up. My parents are in NY and FL, there is extended family up and down the East Coast, the mister's family is in NV and WA, and I have relatives in Europe, too. A blog seemed like the easiest way not to have to answer a million questions about how I was feeling and when I was due and was I gaining enough weight and is the baby kicking yet.

    After said baby was born, a month and a half early, having a way to get info to loved ones in my extremely sleep deprived state was vital, and so I kept the blog going. I kept the jokey name, too, which for the curious comes from this meme. A little embarrassing? Sure, but that's in keeping with the spirit of my blog! I don't hold back, and sometimes that means you'll find me expressing my newest boneheaded opinion or putting some major TMI out there. Sometimes I still write about the messy pregnancy that came after that first one – it was supposed to end in the chaos of twins and instead ended in a tearful miscarriage – and that can get kind of awkward. But for all you moms who appreciate that kind of thing, I definitely keep it real!

    Now we're a family of four thanks to the son who came later, and we're going to stay that way thanks to the mister's vasectomy. See? I can't even stop TMIing here!

    Anyway, I Know How Is Babby Formed has picked up a core readership of people (mostly moms) who keep coming back for more. You better believe I am honored and amazed every day by that. And inspired. Meeting so many amazing moms online and then connecting with some of them offline really made me understand how important mom friends are, so I got together with two other mothers and we created Mom Meet Mom. It's a place where all moms can go to find amazing local mom friends, playdates, and support from other moms who just get it. Check it out – we're pretty proud of it. Oh, and if you like my writing, I blog there, too, along with my amazing co-founders.

    Nowadays, my 4-year-old and 10-month-old take up a ton of my time, and anything left over after crossing off everything on my Mom Meet Mom to-do list is taken up by freelance writing and editing. My poor husband feels so neglected sometimes. It's a crazy way to live, but this perpetually procrastinating overpreparer wouldn't have it any other way!

    Tomorrow, I'm going to give you a snapshot of me and my family in 20 chewable chunks, but for now I'd love to connect! Here's where you can find me – ask or tell me pretty much anything, any time.

    Let's be friends! I'd love to see y'all post a link to your blogs!

    Co-Founder of
    On the web at and her personal blog