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I Know How Is Babby Formed, Wednesday, favorite post

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    I Know How Is Babby Formed, Wednesday, favorite post

    We are having fun this week learning more about Christa Terry, who blogs at I Know How Is Babby Formed. Check her out in this Parent Buzz post.

    On Monday, she introduced herself. And on Tuesday she shared 20 facts about herself.

    Today, Christa, will you share your favorite blog post of all time and why?

    Readers, feel free to stop by to say "hi" to Christa or ask her a question. We'll be chatting with her all week long in these forums so we hope you'll stay with us. Find out more about each day's theme.

    Also, learn more about our past Featured Parent Bloggers. Want to nominate a blogger (or yourself) for this series? Just post a link to the blog here.

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    Re: I Know How Is Babby Formed, Wednesday, favorite post

    Well, that was a TOUGH question! I have over 600 posts - maybe even more now...

    The post I used to announce my miscarriage to the world might seem like an odd choice for my favorite post of all time, but hear me out.

    It might not have a ton of comments but it has generated so much private feedback in the form of emails from people thanking me for sharing my story. Miscarriage is still a semi-taboo subject in our society – and there's no clear way in our culture to grieve the loss of a pregnancy – so too many women are still hesitant to talk about the pain they feel after miscarrying.

    By writing about it on my blog in a very public-facing way, I am trying to do my part to change that. I've heard from moms who found me when searching for grieving rituals, moms whose spouses weren't supporting them, and moms who just felt like the loneliest people in the whole world. At my blog, they found a kindred voice – someone they could reach out to when they needed it most.

    Those emails tell me that I'm on the right track. And they were also part of the inspiration behind Mom Meet Mom. Out there, there are moms who feel like they have no one, and I want to change that, too. Every mom – whether she has 8 kids or 8 angel babies – should have someone to talk to.


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