It's Not Like a Cat, Tuesday, 20 facts

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    It's Not Like a Cat, Tuesday, 20 facts

    Our #FeaturedParentBlogger this week is Julia Magnusson from It's Not Like a Cat. Yesterday, she introduced herself and told us about her blog.

    Today we want to know 20 facts about you, Julia!
    Readers, feel free to stop by and say "hi" to Julia. She'll be with us all week!
    Also, feel free to read about past Featured Parent Bloggers. And learn how this series works and nominate a blogger you enjoy.
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    Re: It's Not Like a Cat, Tuesday, 20 Facts About Me!


    1. I was a carpenter for five years. And no, I don't want to buy a fixer-upper house. It was fun then, and I'm glad I have the skills, but nowadays there are other ways I want to spend my time.

    2. I've completed three sprint triathlons, two marathons, and a 24-hour mountain bike race (crazy fun!).

    3. If I could do it over again, I'd keep my blog anonymous, quite honestly. It's much more liberating that way.

    4. I qualified for the Boston Marathon and was supposed to run it this year but due to an injury wasn't able to (my family was pretty happy about that injury!).

    5. In 1999, I moved from Maine to the Boston area. It was a temporary move; I wasn't here to stay. Somehow it is 2013 and I am still here!

    6. Though I've become mildly addicted to city living, I'd feel much more at home in the country again, surrounded by fields and cows and trees. I grew up on a farm and you can't shake that kind of thing out of your system.

    7. That said, I don't like squirrels. I really don't. My current home had some pretty aggressive squirrels when I moved in -- squirrels that would sit on the front steps and block me from entering my home -- and though the new city-supplied trash cans have mostly eliminated the problem of fearless and aggressive squirrels, I'm not quite over it yet.

    8. Musical Ability: As a child, I took piano lessons for ten years but was never very good, despite hours of practice.

    9. Ditto for figure skating.

    10. I was the group cook for a multi-day backpacking trip in Vancouver a few years ago. I enjoyed it so much that I briefly considered a career switch to a camp cook or backpacking chef.

    11. I find recipes really restrictive. I like to free-wheel it and make a lot of substitutions.

    12. Sometimes my cooking doesn't turn out as intended (see #11).

    13. I taught myself to knit from a book.

    14. Am I an introvert or an extrovert? I am not entirely sure.

    15. Some may disagree, but I find it hard to talk about myself this much!! Do I really need to list 20 things?

    16. Favorite color: Orange. And also certain shades of blue. And green. And some very natural shades of yellow and pink. And sometimes charcoal gray.

    17. When I was little, my father sat out in the hallway and read aloud to my brothers and I. To this day, I cannot hear a man talking and talking without starting to doze off.

    18. Two unexpected jobs I have had: Telemarketer for a cemetery (when I was only in high school!) and secretary to former Boston University President John Silber.

    19. My first job was agricultural: I harvested strawberries at a local farm.
    I was eleven years old (yes, it was legal).

    20. Backyard chickens are cool, but I'd rather raise goats.

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    Re: It's Not Like a Cat, Tuesday, 20 facts

    I love that you were a caprenter!! How cool is that, and what a great skill to have!!! You are one interesting lady!! I have always enjoyed your site, it's nice to learn a few new things about you!!