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Keeping Mommy Sane, Friday, favorite blogs

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    Keeping Mommy Sane, Friday, favorite blogs

    Thanks, Jessica, for spending the week with us! It was great getting to know you and your blog!

    In case you missed it, Jessica at Keeping Mommy Sane has introduced herself and shared 20 facts about herself and her blog as well as her favorite post of all time. She has also taken questions from readers.

    Jessica, can you close out the week by telling us the parenting blogs you like to read?

    To nominate a local blogger (or yourself!) and to find out more about this series, go here. And don't forget to check out Moms and like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter!

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    Re: Keeping Mommy Sane, Friday, favorite blogs

    Thanks so much for having me this week! This was a lot of fun and I enjoyed getting to "meet" all of you. I hope you'll continue to follow my adventures on Keeping Mommy Sane, or follow me via Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

    Since I launched Keeping Mommy Sane, I've met some incredible Boston-area bloggers who have been so supportive and kind, who never seem to mind answering my endless questions or offer advice. Here is just a sample list .. and trust me, there are plenty more - I wish I could list them all! (Also, you can also check out Boston Parent Bloggers, too!) 

    Dollops of Diane  

    Viola Cay

    Mama Smiles

    Days With Us

    Fortuitous Housewife

    Busy Since Birth

    Red Shutters 

    Honest Mom

    Maven of Savin 

    Real Food. Real Deals




    It's not like a cat...

    Kerry Goodwin Photography

    Kim World

    Hello Ladies

    Go Team Zoll

    The Infertility Voice

    Next Life, NO Kids

    Something Clever 2.0

    My Shiny Monkey

    Stowed Stuff

    Random Recycling

    Another Clean Slate 

    The Next Step

    Don't Mind the Mess

    The Girl is a Mom

    Mom's Favorite Stuff

    Pearls and Oysters


    I'm also lucky to know an amazing group of bloggers just over the border in Rhode Island; they're listed here on my blog. In addition to their personal blogs, they've also banded together to form a group called Rhody Bloggers For Good, which supports local RI non-profit organizations, groups and families and individuals in need though a collaborative effort of education, awareness and outreach. 

    Thanks again for having me this week! I look forward to seeing you over on Keeping Mommy Sane. Happy Friday and stay cool today :)