Leah's Life: Pearls & Oysters, Friday, favorite blogs

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    Leah's Life: Pearls & Oysters, Friday, favorite blogs

    We've had a great week with our #FeaturedParentBlogger Leah Klein from Leah's Life: Pearls & Oysters. Thanks so much, Leah, for spending the week with us and sharing your life and blog with us!

    On Monday, Leah introduced herself. On Tuesday, she shared 20 facts about herself. On Wednesday, she shared her favorite post of all time. Thursday, she took questions from readers. She was also featured in our Parent Buzz blog.

    Today, Leah, we'd love to know which parenting blogs you enjoy reading. Also, feel free to nominate a blogger for this series if you'd like.

    Want to know more about this series? Check out each day's theme and nominate a blogger you enjoy (or yourself!). And feel free to check out our past Featured Parent Bloggers.

    Thanks to everyone for spending the week with us as we learned more about another wonderful Boston-area blogger. Have a great weekend!

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    Re: Leah's Life: Pearls & Oysters, Friday, favorite blogs

    When it comes to my personal relationships I will stand by your side.  I've known my husband since we were in High School and we've kind of been together from then until now.  I understand what it means to be in a committed relationship and I like it that way.  When it comes to blogs though I totally sleep around.

    That doesn't mean I don't have my favourites, but more often than not I read individual posts.  I Google a recipe, some ingredients or a particular word or person I want to know more about.  I browse Pinterest, or catch a flying tweet and click on it.  I read about food (I bet you guessed that one), parenting, travel, music, art, science, humour and philosophy.  For each of these themes there are probably thousands of bloggers.  I know I'm going to be like some bumbling awards ceremony star that forgets to thank their closest, most talented cast members.  So I'm just going to say a big, Canadian accented "Sorry" right now. I have to pick up the kids!!  I will add more in the comments as I think of them!  There are too many good ones not to keep sharing.
    The Kitchn
    A Beautiful Bite
    Canelle et Vanille
    Confessions of a Chocaholic
    We are Not Martha
    Just Add Cheese

    Paper Dolls for Boys
    Labels are For Jars
    It's Not Like a Cat
    Mommy Niri
    Capability Mom
    The Frugalette
    Charlene Chronicles (soon to be renamed I think!)
    Random Recycling
    Groovy Green Living
    While She Naps
    Dollops of Diane
    Don't Mind the Mess
    The Fortuitous Housewife
    Message with a Bottle
    Ben Spark
    Just Jasmine

    Local Chef & Food Folks
    Garum Factory
    Catrine Kelty
    MC Slim JB
    Boston Shaker
    Boston's Hidden Restaurants and Boston Restaurant Talk
    A Thought for Food
    Eat Boutique
    Formaggio Kitchen Travelogues
    Boston Food Bloggers
    La Tartine Gourmande

    Design: House & Home
    Apartment Therapy
    Design Sponge
    Crocodile Tears
    Style Carrot

    The Boston Fashionista
    The Good Girl Gone Blog
    Skimbaco Lifestyle
    Daily Candy
    Trendy Mommies

    dobberNation Loves
    David Lebowitz
    Ontario Culinary Blog
    Nomadic Matt
    Hip Travel Mama
    The Planet D
    Jen Leo
    Killing Batteries

    Social Media and Tech
    Razor Social
    Quirky Fusion
    Best Kids Apps
    Think! Social Media

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    Re: Leah's Life: Pearls & Oysters, Friday, favorite blogs

    Oh and the reason I included all kinds of blogs is because who I am as a parent is who I am as a person.  In some way it all contributes to my parenthood.