Metrowest Mamas, Tuesday, 20 facts

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    Metrowest Mamas, Tuesday, 20 facts

    Our #FeaturedParentBlogger this week is Charlene DeLoach from Metrowest Mamas.

    Yesterday, she introduced herself and told us about her blog. Today, Charlene, we'd like to know 20 facts about you!

    Readers, feel free to say "hi" to Charlene or ask her a question right here in our parenting forums. She'll be with us all week. Oh, and you can find her on Twitter at @CharleneDeLoach.

    Want to know more about this series? Check out each day's theme and nominate a blogger you enjoy (or yourself!). And feel free to check out our past Featured Parent Bloggers.

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    Re: Metrowest Mamas, Tuesday, 20 facts

    Where did the morning go? I'm sure you all can relate. School drop offs, doctors appt, grocery store, post office, school pick up. I've always considered getting a license plate that says MomTaxi. And my kids haven't even started sports yet. (My condolences to the parents out there that are in that phase.) LOL. I'm still in parenting shock.

    I don't think of myself as a particular interesting person, but there are a few fun facts about me that many people don't know. So here they are, in no particular order.

    1. I wrote laws and regulations for Massachusetts. (Some, if I mentioned here, you would know.)

    2. I interned for the First Lady of the United States. (I won't tell you who so we can keep the politics out of it.)

    3. I was a nationally ranked Synchronized Swimmer. (So I can twirl upside down in the water and hold my breath for a really long time.)

    4. I have a Gold Award from the Girl Scouts. (Scouts honor.)

    5. I am an attorney. (I specialized in health care.)

    6. I’ve run 7 marathons. 5 Boston Marathons (for charities), 1 Disney Marathon and 1 Chicago Marathon.

    7. I’ve never been outside North America. Just around the U.S., Canada, Carribean, and Mexico. (Obviously I need to get out more.)

    8. I’m a certified Aerobics Instructor. (I specialize in Boot Camp and Spinning.)

    9. I don’t like cooked spinach and most seafood. (Really don't like.)

    10. I met my husband on an online dating site.

    11. I didn't have my two children until after 35. 

    12. I had political aspirations once. (Then I got smart.)

    13. My children are models. (Though I am a far cry from one, so not sure how that happened.)

    14. I acted in over 20 plays throughout high school and college. But my parents refused to pay for college if I majored in acting so I double majored in Economics and Political Science instead.

    15. I have three degrees (see #5 and #14).

    16. I was a twirler in high school. (I wanted to try out for the Cheerleading Squad but I was too chicken.)

    17. I placed first in my division in three Sprint Triathlons and once came in first in my age bracket for the fastest climb in the John Hancock Tower. (Now I just race up and down the stairs in my own house doing chores.)

    18. My parents were going to spell my name with an S. But when they realized that would mean my initials would spell out S.A.D., they switched it to C. (Which is not much better if you think about it.)

    19. I've been on TV three times on Fox25 Morning News.

    20. Stick me in an auditorium of 1000 people to give a speech and I am happy to do it. Put me in a room with 10 people for small talk and I want to hide.


    So that, in a nutshell, is me in 20 bullet points! Now, tell me about you!






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    Re: Metrowest Mamas, Tuesday, 20 facts

    Have you had the creamed spinach at Capital Grille, or anywhere for that matter? Obviously not. BUT, it might change your mind about spinach!
    I once went to CG while 8 months preggo and asked for a take out order of their spinach!