Metrowest Mamas, Wednesday, favorite post

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    Metrowest Mamas, Wednesday, favorite post

    Our #FeaturedParentBlogger this week is Charlene DeLoach from Metrowest Mamas. We are so happy she is spending the week with us!

    On Monday, she introduced herself. On Tuesday, she shared 20 facts about herself. Today, Charlene, we'd like you to tell us your favorite post of all time.

    Readers, feel free to say "hi" to Charlene or ask her a question right here in our parenting forums. She'll be with us all week.

    Want to know more about this series? Check out each day's theme and nominate a blogger you enjoy (or yourself!). And feel free to check out our past Featured Parent Bloggers.

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    Re: Metrowest Mamas, Wednesday, favorite post

    I'm having lots of fun here this week! Thanks for having me @BDCKristiP!

    It is hard to pick one favorite post. Really, it is. I only write what I love on my blogs so, of course, all my posts are my favorites. However, there is one that I wrote despite others telling me I should not write it. They said it was too personal and it should be kept private. I disagreed. I thought if I was going through it, if I had questions, there would be other women out there that might be experiencing the same thing. If I could help just one other woman, then I wanted to write it. Today, it is one of my top ranked blog posts. Yet, more importantly to me, are the women that send me emails and leave comments who are going through the same physical and emotional things I did. There is that connection I cherish, and the support for each other, which is why I picked this one to share today. You can read about it here:

    But I don’t want to be too emotional either! A fun video and post I recently did was about making snow cream. Seems fitting, even in March, with all the snow around here!

    If you follow either one of my blogs, I’d love it if you would share what favorite post you like from or!


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    Re: Metrowest Mamas, Wednesday, favorite post

    Good ones!!

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    Re: Metrowest Mamas, Wednesday, favorite post

    Loved your fun facts and I guess I'll keep my spinach and shrimp recipe to myself :-)

    Although that I'm glad for your own peace of mind that you opted out of politics, I think you'd be a much needed voice of reason if you ever did decide to jump in. 

    Love both posts - and clearly remember making snow cream as a child although I think I liked the process more than the finished product.

    Love to see what you are up to and congrats on being featured blogger!