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Mom's Lifesavers, Friday, favorite blogs

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    Mom's Lifesavers, Friday, favorite blogs

    A big thank you to Christine from Mom's Lifesavers for spending the week with us! It was so much fun learning more about you, Christine!

    For those who missed it, on Monday she introduced herself and told us about her blog. On Tuesday, she shared 20 facts about herself. On Wednesday, she shared her favorite post of all time. And on Thursday, she took questions from readers.

    Today, can you share the parenting blogs you love most? And feel free to nominate another local parent blogger while you're at it.

    Do you want to be our next Featured Parent Blogger? Just let us know!

    And read more about previous Featured Parent Bloggers.

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    Re: Mom's Lifesavers, Friday, favorite blogs

    What a fantastic week it's been for Mom's Lifesavers here on  Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my blog, and a bit of my life here with you!   I think today is my favorite day of all of them. I so enjoy sharing my favorite Blogs.     

    After so many years online, I have forged some pretty amazing relationships.  It's pretty cool when bloggers support each other.  I have TWO lists here.  One from me and one from my fabulous co-author at Mom's Lifesavers, Bonnie Bowes.

    The first thing we would like to do it NOMINATE a new Featured Parent Blogger.   

    Our nomination goes to Christa Terry of and   Christa is a fabulous mom living outside of Boston.  I could write an entire paragraph on her, but I will leave that to to find out what makes her so VERY SPECIAL and an absolute perfect fit as Featured Parent Blogger....not only is she influencial for Boston moms, but for moms ALL OVER THE COUNTRY! 

    Christine's Picks:  

    1. - Fabulous Spot for local family actives all over Boston and beyond.

    2. - A true New England experience is written here.

    3. - The blog for Magic Beans Boston. The BEST store for kids we know.

    4. - Artist, Katie Rodgers, takes me on a beautiful journey everyday on her blog.

    5. - A super blog for moms and finding the way to connect with other moms.

    6. - Oklahoma mom blogs about her life.  

    7. - A blog I've been reading since 2007.  They feel like family at this point!  

    8. - Brand new blog I'm following.  It's GREAT!  

    9. - MORE than a wedding magazine, this blog has new suprises soon.

    10. - THE blog I'm the most loyal to.  It's truly AMAZING. 


        Bonnie's Picks:               

       One of the very first blogs I started following was:

    Amy Locurto offers great party ideas, printables, recipes and crafts.    
    Another blog that feeds my love of preserving - something that my grandmother taught me, along with frugality (she was a depression era baby) - is Mavis Butterfield is a gardener extraordinaire - she grows everything, raises chickens, cooks, and cut coupons!
    Here is one that comes into my mailbox almost daily -  
    THANK YOU AGAIN! We had a BLAST!   xxoo Christine and Bonnie