Red Shutters, Friday, favorite blogs

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    Red Shutters, Friday, favorite blogs

    It has been a fun week with Kimberly from Red Shutters. Thanks, Kimberly, for taking the time to share your blog with our readers this week. We enjoyed having you as our Featured Parent Blogger and wish you the best of luck.

    If you missed it, Kimberly introduced herself on Monday, shared 20 facts about herself and her blog on Tuesday, her favorite post on Wednesday, and took questions from readers on Thursday.

    Today we'd like to know which parenting blogs you like to read. And, if you'd like, feel free to nominate someone else to be our Featured Parent Blogger.

    Readers, feel free to post comments or questions for Kimberly. Or just stop by to say "hi." And go here to read more about this series or to nominate a local parenting blogger (or yourself!).


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    Re: Red Shutters, Friday, favorite blogs

    Today is my last day as’s Featured Parent Blogger! It’s been a lot of fun to be part of this community, and I hope you will keep reading my blog, Red Shutters

    I read a lot of blogs, thanks to my very busy blog reader. They generally fall into four categories: Boston bloggers, Design blogs (I'm one of those never-stop-renovating home owners), Work-related blogs, and Other (a mix of anything that looks interesting). Since part of what I like about the Boston blogging community is the support the members give one another, I am happy to share the love today by providing a list of the blogs I read that are written by locals with an emphasis on those with a parenting focus. Here are a few to add to your blog reader--in addition to Red Shutters!

    1. Boston Mamas
    2. Busy Since Birth
    3. Days with Us
    4. Dollops of Diane
    5. Don’t Mind the Mess
    6. Fortuitous Housewife
    7. Everyday Treats
    8. Groovy Green Livin
    9. Hello Ladies 
    10. Honest Mom
    11. It’s Not Like A Cat
    12. Keeping Mommy Sane
    13. Kim World
    14. Mass**** Mommy
    15. Melanie in the Middle
    16. My Shiny Monkey
    17. Next Life, No Kids
    18. Not Just a Mom
    19. Quirky Fusion
    20. Random Recycling
    21. Real Food. Real Deals
    22. Stowed Stuff
    23. The Four Father
    24. The Frugalette
    25. The Girl is a Mom
    26. Viola Cay

    I know I am missing many great bloggers here, so my apologies those who are not on the list. Please add your favorite local bloggers in the comments below.

    Thanks again for reading, and I hope to see you at Red Shutters!

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    Re: Red Shutters, Friday, favorite blogs

    For more, check out!