ViolaCay, Friday, favorite blogs

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    ViolaCay, Friday, favorite blogs

    A big thank you to our #FeaturedParentBlogger this week, Sharon Reilly from the blog ViolaCay. We've enjoyed getting to know you better and appreciate you spending time with us all week.

    For those who missed it, Sharon introduced herself on Monday, shared 20 facts on Tuesday, told us her favorite post on Wednesday, and took questions from readers on Thursday.

    Today we'd like to know which local parenting blogs you like to read, Sharon! And feel free to nominate a blogger for this series if you'd like.

    Readers, we invite you to read about our past Featured Parent Bloggers and nominate a local blogger you enjoy.

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    Re: ViolaCay, Friday, favorite blogs

    First of all I have had so much fun here and on Facebook with everyone! It's fun to cyber meet new people :-) Thanks to the Moms team for choosing me. "You like me. You really really like me!"

    Second, there are so many blogs I could list here. So many frineds and so many blogs I hardly know where to begin.

    On the list are 
    past Featured Parent Bloggers and also the list where you can nominate a local blogger holds many of my favorites as well.

    I didn't see Dollops of Diane or Stowed Stuff on there. Also missing from both of those lists are Umommy or Half Assed Mama. Wait did I see The Frugalette or Fortuitous Housewife?  Kimworld?

    Oh my gosh I feel like I'm on some beat the clock gameshow. There are too many! Too many good bloggers too little time for me to cut and paste their link. Oh another one Charlene Chronicles.


    Who else?? Bloggy mamas help me out. Lint it up! Link yourself! Link a friend!

    That's all from me - ViolaCay.