ViolaCay, Wednesday, favorite post

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    ViolaCay, Wednesday, favorite post

    We've been getting to know Sharon Reilly, our #FeaturedParentBlogger this week who blogs at ViolaCay.

    On Monday, she introduced herself and told us about her blog. On Tuesday, she shared 20 facts about herself.

    Today, Sharon, we'd love to know your favorite post of all time and why!

    Readers, Sharon is with us all week. Feel free to stop by and say "hi" or ask her a question! We also invite you to read about past Featured Parent Bloggers and nominate a blogger you enjoy.

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    Re: ViolaCay, Wednesday, favorite post

    So favorite post of mine right? ;-)


    Most recently I wrote about being a food allergy mom and the misstep I made.

    My youngest is peanut/ treenut allergic with anaphylaxis and I totally screwed up. I don't like this post because its not easy for me to re- read. However, it's one of my favorites because it connected with so many other FA moms. And just moms in general. We've all messed up. We all have to move on. We do the very best we can everyday.

    And I know you asked for one, but that one is heavy so let's lighten it up shall we? In contrast to that post I love the post "Dump truck potty mouth and the awful mother" which is really just more of a video :-)


    Let me know what you think of my picks!


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    Re: ViolaCay, Wednesday, favorite post

    Thank you for sharing such a tough moment.