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    Re: 11-11-11

    My son was born on 8/8.  Apparently 2 8s are very lucky to the Chinese.  And it was the same day that his great-great uncle turned 88!
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    Re: 11-11-11

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    In Response to Re: 11-11-11 : You can't assume that it wasn't medically necessary. 
    Posted by SilverFestiva

    Sounds like the point of the story was that very assumption, but you shouldn't assume that I assumed she did.  All I said was that I wouldn't.  

    Ah, the irony.
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    Re: 11-11-11

    DS was born on 09/02/10 and if you drop the first 0, it reads as a famous zip code (by pure coincidence, his first name is the same as one of the main characters from the original show which I forgotten about until someone asked us if we were fans of the original show due to his birthday and name). And he was born the day before before my birthday.